Start Your Business at the cost of a Spa Session

Gone are the days when you needed land to start your own venture. With the world going viral, all you need is a little time and patience to read through this and you are all set to create your own website and earning the big bucks.

Websites can be of various types, from news portals, blogs, social media, entertainment and educational to e-commerce, marketing, web applications like video editing and many more. So to begin with, you need to determine what’s your website is going to be about. This might seem like a petty thought, but this would help you decide what kind hosting site you should opt for.

If you are planning to start your own blog you can do it for free with the help of sites like WordPress and In case you plan on opening an e-commerce portal, a more suitable site might be Bigrock or Godaddy, which charges you a very minimal amount for setting up your own website.

Not only do you get a ready-made website but also some more additional services. These may differ from site to site, so before you make your own site go bargain hunting and see who is giving you the best services that will help you establish your business.

Once you are all set to begin creating your website on your decided on the domain site, you will need to select a domain name. Now, you can absolutely choose anything from soaps to cakes as a name. But the most promising way to promote your business is by its name. Choose a name that not only signifies your business but is also SEO enabled. Like, if you are opening a site for music instruments and cassettes and you decide to name it ‘online cassettes’, then you might be losing out on SEO, because this puts emphasis only on cassettes and not on the instruments. Whereas, a name like Music Mantralaya is more Search Engine optimized as it signifies everything about music. FYI, if you are planning on creating a music portal, this one is totally available, we checked.

So, now that you have an available website name you have to decide on the kind of package you want to opt for. This package is nothing other than the last part of your website name, like .com or .biz or .in. Each have a different significance, like .com refers to commercial sites and .biz refers to businesses, preferably ones in the entertainment business.

Once done with that, you need to choose a monthly payment plan that has to be paid to the hosting site. Remember, the more number of years you choose the less you have to pay. The minimum set period is one year. Compare the cost on other domain sites and see which is the most profitable. Post this, you need to create an account in whichever site you are making your website and choose a payment option. And voila, you business is created.

But this is only planting the seed, to ensure growth you need to fiddle with the features available and make your site look as fabulous as you can. Start by choosing a theme that suits your website. Next you need content and graphics. But don’t go writing stories. Use this space for SEO. Write up content about your products and articles that are relevant to people searches. Use colorful graphics to create more value to your site.

When you feel your site is ready for public use, promote it through various social media channels and issue constant updates about your company to create a buzz. Starting a company is very simple, but you need to put in substantial effort to build it to a functioning company. So if you are all set to transform your big idea into a business platform, create your own website today and give a kick start to your own venture.

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