Tips to Influence Your Startup Brand Review

A brand is only as successful as the customer lets it be. Your brand, irrelevant of how big or small, can become a well recognized one it your customers are willing to give it a good review. Reviewing nowadays is only associated with online reviews, but the most ancient form of reviewing is, word of mouth. So, here's some listed tips to encash on customer satisfaction and get a good review for your brand.

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1. Hospitality
Make your customers feel at home where they are treated like a king. When your customer calls you greet them politely, and give them time to explain why they called. Ask them for a minute to go into the matter. Even if it is not required, this gives the customers a the feeling that you are giving them importance. If the problem is not the company's front, apologize and always use words like 'thank you' and 'we are sorry' when you tell to wait and when they express their issue.

2. Connect while they surf
When a customer visits your site, give them the option to talk to an executive via chat, whenever they need to. This is like giving your customers a way to shop with the help of  salesman while they shop online.

3. Introduce refer and earn program
The simplest way to get a good review, is to give your customers that something extra for giving a good review to a potential customer. A simple example of this is Makemytrip, which gives you money for referring a friend and also gives you more money when your friend books something via the portal.

4. Go for customer feedback
Used by almost every company nowadays, this is a simple way to assure your customer is satisfied with the product. If you cannot place a feedback call, simply leave a email in their inbox, to give them the option to get back to you at any time.

5. Make reviewing fun
Apps are the ones who are in dire need of good reviews and ratings. But, truth be told, not many customers wish to waste their time on reviewing for the next person. That is, unless they get a benefit. Give your customers a small gift for reviewing your brand. This gift should be relevant to what you are selling, so that the customer can use it in the future. But also, it should have a expiry date, so that they use it fast.

6. Quality and Freebies
If your quality is good, and your are at par with your competition, nothing, literally nothing can stop a happy customer from referring you to friends and family. The reason for this is, maximum customers surf the net for the best deal, and once they get it, all they want to do is brag about it. And if you can afford to offer freebies, that's just the cherry on top.

       When a customer reviews a brand, he or she is either happy with it or not. And in this world of digitalization, a bad review can close doors to a whole lot of sales. So, be on your best foot with every customer and show them that you are there to meet their wishes.

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