10 simple ways to be happy during pregnancy

1.    Try to be yourself
Pregnancy is as unique as you and the same and there are things that make other pregnant (or not do), which have to follow and you, faithfully. To focus on the growing baby in your belly will help to leave aside other problems. If some time you feel that the pregnancy than you the same, remember that the result of this, your baby, it is important to fight with your insecurities. Stay effortlessly joyful, to be able to get over the minor problems arising in pregnancy phase.
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2.    Maintained a healthy lifestyle
The choices you make can affect the outcome of your pregnancy. If the exercise was your life before pregnancy and your doctor agrees, he continued to work out, to fill of endorphins, the hormone of happiness. If you feel heavier and lazy, do not forget that not your fault, you but your body now works for both. But the fact that you two anymore, does not mean you should eat for two.

3.    Step away from negative people
Toxic people whom you can tolerate at times, may be missing from your life at this stage, only positive thoughts have to do. And because pregnancy is not a time for cleanup, you can only move away from negative people, by avoiding them, so simple.

4. Enter yoga in your life
If you didn't yoga before pregnancy, but want to do something during pregnancy that can elevate your spirit and your body, try yoga for pregnant women. Once your doctor will give the okay, constituencies in specialized centers in prenatal yoga, and tried it, the level that will integrate specialists: beginner or advanced. Of course you have to perform the exercises up there you feel comfortable, not exaggerating. The exercises in yoga for pregnant women and breathing, helps to flush toxins and see things (and your pregnancy) more positively.

5. Maintain a pregnancy calendar
This file will look your very interesting when this beautiful phase of your life spent with the good and evil that will find marked on it. The memories can be recorded in writing or on video.

6.    Treat those around you with respect
The fact that you're pregnant does not mean that you and infallibility and that you can behave with selfishness, disrespect and bad way those around you or people you love.
Certainly the rotation of hormones it helps, but you ought to avoid the fights. If for example not to leave prior to the queue at the supermarket or elsewhere, do not kaf Gadi EIS, but went to employee and ask politely to serve the world. Even pregnant, there are things that need to claims!

7.  Enjoy everything that has to do with the pregnancy and the host prepare baby
Instead you see as drudgery creating nursery, enjoyed every moment. At the same time, you can find or borrow maternity clothes nice to feel good about your appearance and let your friends, be spoiled in a nice party for the baby, the well-known baby shower.

8.    Take care of yourself
The pregnancy period is ideal to give yourself the excuse he needed to do things for you (spa, massage, manicure, pedicure). Moreover, when the baby comes, yourself will get for a while waiting, like the things you like to do.

9. Give the job position that corresponds
Most pregnant women worried and anxious as to what will happen to their jobs, just announce the pregnancy. And yet, at this stage, the law protects you, no need to exaggerate or make occupational therapy when you feel that you can’t.

10.    Take deep breaths
The more you focus on deep breathing during pregnancy, the more you relax and persecution negative thoughts. After all, the correct breathing will help during childbirth and to avoid the postpartum depression after the baby's arrival.

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