7 Tips To Decorate a Small Living Room

People find themselves in a predicament when it comes to a small living room and then they end up doing something that makes it look even smaller. You don’t want that, do you? There are hacks for literally everything these days. And there are a few to decorate a small living room too! Read along to find out these tips. They will surely make your living room make bigger, classier and well kept.

1.    Don’t go overboard with the coffee table

I know how some people are fond of big coffee tables. But in the case of a small living room you might need to rethink your decision. Get a small round one as it will take up less space and also less knee bumps!

2.    Neutral colors are good to go

While painting a small living room or choosing furniture for it, make sure you choose neutral colors to do so. These will be pleasant to the eyes and will also reflect more light which will give the appearance of larger area to the room. 

3.    Mirror on the wall

You know the trick, mirrors makes any room look bigger. Here, the trick is to place a mirror right in front of a window which will make the room look bigger and brighter. And who doesn’t love admiring themselves in the mirror?

4.    Focal point

Choose a focal point for your room. This will be the central point and most of the times the furniture is set according to it. It could be a fire place, a television set or even a piece of art.

5.    Large wall hangings

Be it art work or pictures or anything of that sort; make sure it is large in size and is placed at eye level. Small pictures would make the room seem cramped whereas minimal large pictures would give it a grand feel.

6.    Multipurpose furniture is the key

Every house has many extra items whether needed or not. It could be a problem in the case of a small living room. You wouldn’t want to make it a mess by keeping all the things in one room. Here, multipurpose furniture comes to the rescue. You could easily store things in them and this will instantly tidy up the room.
7.    Don’t overlook corners
Often corners are neglected but they could be of great use. A book shelf or a bean bag or a statement chair would look nice. You add a personal touch to that corner and it could your little cozy space!

This post is contributed by Jenna Jamieson from Mattressify.com

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