How to travel with your baby

All a new mother wants for herself, and her baby is to just stay near their home especially during the first few months after delivery. The constant attention the babies require, the regular feeding and diaper changes and the risks of contracting diseases while on the move are just some of the reasons why mothers are always reluctant to travel with their babies. The truth is, babies aren’t that fragile as you may fear.

Just because you have become a parent, everything about you doesn’t need to come to a halt. Travelling is still possible even alongside your baby. You can travel with your baby as soon as she is born. Whether you are flying or travelling by road, the secret to travelling safely and comfortably with your baby is good preparation and having everything you and your baby will need with you.

Ways to ensure that you are more prepared for the travel

1.    Bring a safety seat with you and book a ticket for your baby in case you are flying

Having a safety seat is the most important safety rule when you are travelling with your baby whether by road or by flight. When travelling in your car, the baby should be put in the backseat on her safety seat. Never put your baby on the front seat.
If you are flying, book an extra seat for your baby. I know you might be tempted to save some money by hoping that there will be some empty seats in the plane, or that you will carry her on your lap since children below 2 years are not always charged any flight fee.
Putting your baby in a safety seat on her own seat will ensure that your child is strapped into her own seat hence making her safe in case of turbulence or accidents.

2.    Carry enough supplies

When you are going to be far away from home with your baby, first of all, you have to ensure that you carry enough baby foods. You don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere in case you are travelling by road, and your baby has nothing to eat.
If you are travelling by air, you should know that most airlines don’t offer baby foods, and those that offer baby food have limited options. You may carry your baby’s formula milk or your breast milk in baby bottles. The number of baby bottles that you will need will depend on how long you intend to be out on your journey.  

Other things that you need to include are diapers, wipes, rash creams, changing mats and kid's sunscreens if you are going to be out in the sun.
Whatever foods you will carry for your baby, make sure you carry extra supplies of everything, you never know when there might be some delays that can result in you spending more hours at the airport terminus.

3.    Ensure that you adhere to all health requirements

You should make sure that you put your health and your baby’s health first by carrying medical supplies and first aid kits with you on your journey in case you are faced with minor medical problems. When travelling to very far away destinations, you and your baby should receive immunisation as required before you travel.
If you or your baby is on some medication, you should carry them too since it is not a guarantee that you will find the same medication wherever you are travelling too.

4.    Look for child-friendly airlines

You should have a good experience. There are some airlines that are exceptionally child-friendly to the extent that they provide play facilities for babies and toddlers.

Other precautions you should take when travelling with a baby by flight

·     1. Before booking your flight, check all the regulations of that airline regarding travelling with babies.
·      2. Book flights that are nonstop so that you won’t have to change planes along the way with your baby because it’s hectic.
·       3. Bring with you the baby’s identification papers such as her birth certificate.
·      4. Ensure that you carry with you something that your baby can suck on to eliminate ear pains caused by a change in air pressure during flight.
·      5. Arrive at the airport early enough so that you will have time to feel relaxed. Remember, the last thing you want is to be in a rush.
As a final point, when travelling with your baby, ensure that you stay cool. Once you have everything you and your baby will need throughout the journey, you should stay calm because you will eventually get to your destination.
Remember, babies as young as two days old are allowed to travel on a plane. So have no fear, your baby can handle it.

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