7 Great Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

In today’s world, it has become increasingly harder to accumulate wealth or get employed if you lack a university degree. Getting a degree usually takes four years for the majority of courses offered in universities and colleges worldwide. There are some courses that take up to five or six years to complete. Getting a job for some people has proven to be a difficult task since employers require some certification in order to consider you for employment, such as a college degree confirming that you have studied a particular course or have completed PMP certification boot camp in Irving, CA.

This is a guide to students who want to pursue other fields without a degree in their possession or have a degree that they feel doesn’t do them any good. You will find some courses that require only a high school diploma or an associate’s degree. Others may go as far as not require you to have any prior experience or training in that particular field.
Some of the jobs highlighted need you to be the artsy type and some are for nerds, all in all, they are all great opportunities and I hope you find the one you like best.

1.     Small Business Owner
For you to be a small business, you require to have at least gone through high school or its equivalent so as to be able to properly manage the business.
A small business owner has an annual salary of about $51,000. This figure varies from country to country but it's more than enough for anyone to get by, in addition to that, there are over 60,000 jobs that are available for small business owners.
This job is for those who are not interested in being employed but rather want to employ others. More than half of the population goes into small business after high school as they prefer to be their own bosses.
Creating your own business can be a pathway to hitting the jackpot. If you focus on selling wholesale, for example, chances are you are bound to make a decent living compared to others as the wholesale industry boasts an annual revenue of over $450 billion.
Learning how to manage as a small business is a long term thing but you only need the knowledge you got in high school to thrive.

2.     Network Specialist

If the nerdy type of jobs or computers are what you’re interested in, than this is what you will be best suited to do if you don’t have a degree. On top of that, you need good interpersonal skills. This job entails setting up the variety of network architectures available (wide area network WAN, local area network LAN), testing them, and making sure they run smoothly.
The field provides an annual salary of about $60,000 and the only level of education you need is an associated degree.
The number of available jobs by 2022 is predicted to be around 40,000.

3.     Loan Officer
This is for those that always dreamt of working in finance but didn’t know how they could catapult their dreams to reality as they lacked the necessary credentials to get into the finance industry. Well here is some good news for you.
To be a loan officer, all you need is a high school diploma or its equivalent. The annual salary is about $60,000 and the number of available jobs is 60,000.
Like the title suggests, being a loan officer entails being able to approve loans, advise people who are in need of financial help, and evaluate their financial position. Loan officers can be employed by banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and car dealerships.
This line of work also involves a huge amount of paperwork and logistics but all these can be conquered with superior interpersonal skills.
4.     Artists
This is a perfect fit for those students that were good in art class or any other creative class, as they will get a chance to get their creative juices flowing and still earn a pretty penny. In most cases, companies are prone to having their own in-house design team. As long as you are good at painting, drawing, or sketching this is the perfect field for you.
Working for a company is only one of the many opportunities, you can decide to be an independent artist or have your own design company.
The annual wages for this type of work is $60,000 and the minimum level of education is a high school diploma or its equivalent. There are over 2500 jobs currently available for artists.

5.     Aerospace Engineering
Ever wanted to work in the aviation industry but were scared for one reason or another? Or perhaps there were some challenges that you could not overcome? Here is how you can have at least one foot in the industry through aerospace engineering.
This type of thing may be intimidating and you think it requires a bachelor degree but to your shock, the only base certification you need is an associated degree.
The field entails developing, testing, and producing of new aircraft and space shuttles. Something exciting for those of you that like building things and seeing them come to life. This field requires precision and focus and a slight mistake can lead to a fatal accident.
Technicians are expected to maintain the equipment used in the manufacturing of the aircraft and do regular checkups on the aircraft to single out any flaws that develop over time.
The medium annual salary is $61,000 and there are over 2000 jobs.

6.     Subway Operator
The drivers of one of the world’s busiest transport system are among the most paid people. They have a salary of about $62,000 and all you need to land this job is a high school diploma.
The best part is that applicants don’t need any experience to apply for this post and you will be taught everything that you need to know about operating subway cars.
Students who wish to enter this field, should know that they will be responsible for thousands of lives every day as they will be in charge of controlling the metallic beasts that help people in getting from place to place every day.

7.     Web Developer
If you’re one of those people that are addicted to the Internet, than you know very well that a good website and a stable connection is key to having the best experience online.
The people responsible for creating web applications are known as web developers and all you need to get into this field is an associate’s degree which attracts an annual salary of over $60,000.
This field is steadily growing and there are over 50,000 jobs available. Being a web developer comes with responsibilities, such as the designing of websites, creating them, and maintaining them over time.


The jobs listed above can be best suited for those of you that have just finished high school and want to enter the job market or if you want a job as you take a break from school.
Most of them only require a high school diploma or an associate’s degree, but like with most jobs, you will get some training. Talent may be a factor in some of these jobs, especially in the art and design department, but it also has to be accompanied by admirable professional attitude.

In today’s world, it is possible to earn a decent living without having a college degree. Progressive employers are more concerned with the results, not qualification. Additionally, with the Internet, it’s possible to teach yourself or learn online any skill that can be applied to a job such as writing, programming, etc. If you sharpen your writing skills, you may be of help to people who need to write a dissertation, for example. Lack of a college degree should not be a barrier when finding employment. All the best in your job search!

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