5 Must-Read Tips If You Want to Improve Your Memory

Memorizing things have always been a big deal for me. And, am sure I’m not the only one here. But, the good fact is enhancing your memory power is much easier than it actually sounds. Though most of the people think that the brain is something very static and it’s tedious to get things embedded in it. But, honestly, it is not! Improve your memory power is as simple as learning some new recipe. You just need to have a bit of passion or love and few tried and tested tips.

Human memory is of two types: short-term memory and long-term memory. The former is like ROM of a computer. It is temporary and used to save less important information that is needed right away and it may fade away with time. The latter is a long-term memory. This comes into use when you have to store the information for a later occasion. For instance, you will learn a chapter now for your exam next week.

Isn’t it interesting? Most of the things we have in life like remembering about some special moments of life, occasions, friends, and similar stuff are stored in the long-term memory. And, if you tend to forget such important events of life, it can be problematic. Therefore, you need to check out these five tips that really help you improve your memory. Read on!

1.    Focus on things: The pivot point when you talk out brain and memory power is the focus. Focussing on things that you do or that occur around you help in remembering those incidents for a long time. Many people take the credit for being able to do multi-tasking. But, they usually fail to concentrate on that one thing that helps to improve their memory power and it is being focussed and paying attention to what they are doing right now. This is really significant as your head takes some time to encode the information and store it in the brain, otherwise, you can’t remember stuff. In order to increase your memory power, it is rather recommended to be focused instead of multitasking.

2.    Sense, touch and feel the things: This is one of the most inventive and practical ways to remember things. The more senses you use to analyze things the better encoding takes place inside your brain. For instance, you can identify the smell of mom’s cooked food even with closed eyes. You meet a bunch of guys for the first time and get introduced to all. But, after some time do you remember them all? Or, the one with whom you spent a bit of quality time, had a handshake or talked for a few moments? You remember the one with whom you interacted the most. That’s true! Using most of the senses while doing kinds of stuff helps better remember things. 

3.     Rephrasing the sentence: This tip is more useful for students out there. While studying and trying to memorize stuff, you may use some tricks like rephrase text or make abbreviations and relate terms to practical things in life. This makes it much easier to remember. There are N number of online tools that also help in rephrasing the sentences and saving your time. You may use any paragraph rephraser tool and embed the simplified version of a lesson in your brain. This way you can memorize better as you understand it in different ways now.

4.    Repetition: Repetition has been found to work for many people as the easiest way to improving your memory. Psychologists call this way of memorizing as “overlearning”. By again and again repeating the same thing, the brain gets used to it. Thus it helps in remembering that particular thing even after a long time. Just like the nursery rhymes why memorized when we were kids.

5.    Use of tools like mnemonic devices: Use of tools like mnemonic devices: Mnemonic devices are very commonly used these days. And, these devices have been proved to help people remember many complicated things by use of pictures, abbreviations, rhyming and even songs. Have you ever seen medical school students studying? This is very common with them. They mostly use acronyms to convert a complicated list of bones or generic names of medicines or complicated pathogens of diseases. You can learn more about mnemonic devices online.

I guess by now you all know that memory is formed inside your brain. So you must above everything pay attention to the health of your brain too. Because a healthy brain is like a computer. It can process loads of information in it. A healthy brain is better adapted to memorize things as well. You can practice exercise and engage yourself in tricky brain stimulating games like crosswords; Sudoku puzzles etc. to keep your brain active and healthy.

Also, you need to know that a healthy body alternatively means a healthy brain. You must eat good food that helps in keeping you healthy and your brain active. Brain stimulating diets are also recommended to get more benefits. Give proper rest to your body and have sound sleep at night. There are also many supplements like Vitamins and herbal drugs that help increase memory power of the brain.

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Rose Milton is an amateur guest post writer and a content manager.  She finds her inspiration in yoga, drawing and meditation. Rose enjoys her life and tries to change the world for better.

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