Hot trends you should follow to beat the best linkedin profile in 2017

You might as well already know the significance of LinkedIn to your personal development and or business growth. Since 2012, the professional network has made important changes including; the acquisition of slideshare, pulse news reader app, influencer program and publishing platform.
The question most career advice bloggers who specialize in writing LinkedIn profiles ask is how do they make your profile pop in the face of the current trends? Well, it’s not like there’s one word answer to this. Here’re a few hot trends you should follow to beat the best LinkedIn profile. 

#1: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Quality Cover Image
Gone are the days when writing a professional profile meant having dull picture on the headshot section. Your cover image tells a lot about you, it’s your first impression. That means you will have to take your time and select a cover image that will make your potential manager, client or staff want to know more about you.
#2: Writing LinkedIn Profile - Mind Character Count
Try this, Google your name or company name and click on your LinkedIn profile link then check your profile summary. And just before clicking on the read more icon, how many words can you read? The trend is that when writing a professional profile try to start with what’s more important
#3: Writing LinkedIn Profile – SEO Profile Summary
Still on your profile summary, other than focusing on the first 170 characters, you will also want to enhance your visibility by throwing in a few keywords within the lines. This way, your profile will be among the first ones to pop up whenever a potential employer, client, or worker searches.
#4: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Market Website/Org.
At a personal level, the fact that you have a job does not mean you don’t need a LinkedIn profile. And even if you have one, it doesn’t mean you don’t recognize your company. It is a good thing to market your company or even website. It makes a good impression even to your next manager.
#5: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Reorder Profile Sections
Now that you know what it means to have first things first, it will help to reorganize your profile to accommodate more important aspects of yourself, career, and achievements appearing before the others. Most career advice bloggers will also tell you to write only the most important details.
#6: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Join Professional Groups
Professional LinkedIn groups are a great place to interact with your peers, connect with thought leaders and share ideas. You can join 50 or more groups via LinkedIn. It helps maximize your 3 degree reach, means more job search leads and ups the chances of your profile popping up first.
#7: Writing LinkedIn Profile – High Quality Publications 
We live in a world today where you have to constantly prove your knowledge and skills. While it’s important to have an awesome LinkedIn profile, you can beat even the best by keeping your own profile active with regular professional, targeted and high quality publications. You try this. 
Still on publications, career advice bloggers who specialize in writing a professional profile will tell it’s not just about expressing your thoughts or showcasing your expertise but also building a voice (brand) within the network. It helps you get quality connections and become an authority.
#8: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Add a Title to Your Name
Here’s a trend you have the freedom to adopt or ignore based on your own likes and preferences. What it does to add a title to your name is improve your profile’s SEO ranking. It makes it easier to find you when someone makes a related search and also tells him/her what you do at a glance.
#9: Writing LinkedIn Profile - Endorsements and References
Whereas endorsements are lately looked at mere pats on the back, references have continued to gain popularity with most potential customers or recruiters wanting to know at least what others have to say about you and or products, that is, if the LinkedIn profile belongs to an organization.   
#10: Writing LinkedIn Profile – Include Contact Information
Lastly, writing a professional profile is only effective when you have within it your contact info. 
Carrie Cox works as a content manager and her hobby is guest posting. She is specialized on writing useful articles for job seekers in order to make their job hunting process easier and more effective. Her hobby is traveling and reading.

About Author: Rose Milton is an amateur guest post writer and a content manager. She finds her inspiration in yoga, drawing and meditation. Rose enjoys her life and tries to change the world for better.

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