Beware of these Fashion Mistakes

Hey there fellas!!
Don’t we all look forward to shedding that weight or at least look fab in whatever we wear? However, how far have you been going with the plan to get into the right shape to fit into the most appealing clothing articles?

There’s no harm in not having the right physique but if you have a fashion sense that calls for the right approach, there won’t be anything that’ll stop you from looking handsome. All you have to do is find the suitable pieces and avoid a few gravest mistakes that can take you down. 
What are those fashion mistakes that you should be beware of? Find them below and abstain from repeating them.

Not properly fitted clothes
Given that many of us head to stores or even shop online for our regular clothing styles where the size are standardized for one and all. Hence, there is an equal probability that it’ll fit you well or it would not. You might find the perfect pair that your eyes are stuck on but don't quite fit you well. At the end of the day, you’ll buy it promising yourself to make yourself worthy of fitting into the piece. Probably everything is supposed to fit well except your boxers which are the only mens underwear that lets you feel heavenly.                                                                                                                              
Don’t end up ruining your money and efforts by picking up the article because it’ll give you nothing but pain- heart, and body.

Buying everything that comes across
Only a shopaholic would understand the urge to buy something regardless of the fact that it fits or not. A compulsive shopper has this urge to shop every time he finds himself getting bored or angry or restless or probably doing anything. It is their favorite past time to shop and in that encounter, they’ll end up buying anything without going into the details.
Shopping needs patience and so does building up your fashion statement. Hence, don’t rush into it, take it easy and slow to get the best ones for your style quotient.

Copying someone else style
This is one guilty confession many make while looking for a kick start with fashion clothing. Guys sometimes get very choosy and start imitating their favorite celebrity or model in spite of the fact that they aware of the differences in the personalities. Not only this! Your friends can also be an inspiration to you or anyone whom you know looks appealing.
You must take yourself into concern and pick clothes that make you look hotness rather than copying someone else and look weird. Like earlier, have patience and figure out what suits you as well as what doesn’t. This will build a stronger sense of style in you.

Going tacky with combinations
Do you combine a lot of trends in one outfit? Well, a formal suit with t-shirt and jewelry as accessories is one awful example of someone trying to combine trends. There are much more which need to be stopped right there.

Go simple with subtle and individual trends that call for a debonair look and a pleasing personality rather than ending up making a fun of yourself among others.

Do you have any fashion mistakes that weren’t mentioned on the list? Don’t forget to share!

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