GCodes: Virtual Gift Codes for Instant Rewards

GCodes are virtual gift codes, using which you can deliver rewards instantly and at any place. The codes can be redeemed in 85 countries, and can quickly be converted in their respective currencies.

The primary aim behind launching GCodes was to simplify reward management and improve processing speeds. The accumulated codes can be used for virtual rewards, gift cards, tickets, hotels, merchandise and phone credit.


What are the primary features of GCodes?

§  GCodes can be redeemed at several virtual outlets and 85 countries.
§  Rewards are sourced locally and delivered in a timely manner.
§  The system is completely secure and API encrypted.
§  GCodes can be integrated with your mobile wallet for quick phone credit top ups.
§  The codes are issued in multiple currencies, which include the Canadian and US dollars.

Which types of GCodes are there?

GCodes are available in several different types, some of which are given below.
§  The Everything Code: As the name suggests, these GCodes can be redeemed for any kind of reward.
§  Virtual: These can be used for travel, mobile, gift cards and digital books.
§  Mobile: These GCodes can be received in the form of phone credit after you have chosen your carrier.
§  GCodes Gift Cards: These let you exchange your codes for several retail gift cards.
§  GCodes Benefits: Enjoy discounts at thousands of retailers in the American region with GCodes Benefits.

How can you get GCodes?

GCodes can be bought three different options: through their website, Salesforce or GCodes API.
§  GCodes website: You can buy GCodes from their website after creating an account. Codes can be bought singly on in a bulk after you make a payment in the four available currency options.
§  Salesforce:  A GRS app is available within Salesforce through which you can reward your sales partners for their success. The app lets you buy, shop and award within the Salesforce environment
§  GCodes API: You can access GCodes by connecting to the API directly in real time.

How can you send GCodes?

GCodes can be sent through the API or Salesforce app.  The maximum value which you can send at a given instance is $5,000 USD.

How can you redeem GCodes?

GCodes can be redeemed instantly when you receive them, after which they can be used for shopping several things and on several websites.

How can GCodes be used?

GCodes can be used in a number of ways. You can use them as global rewards for building a comprehensive reward management system that is based on dominations, ranging from 10 cents right up to 25000 dollars. You can also use GCodes for immediate gifts, and let your recipients enjoy as they make a choice from over a million options. If you have a network of members, you can reward them with GCodes and increase customer loyalty.
GCodes offer badges which you can power up and link to performance metrics and social media. Since this offers instant reorganization, the feature can increase participation from panelists.

Apps can also demonetized with GCodes by using APIs.

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