How To Decide Which Golf Push Cart To Buy

If you are a golfer, then a golf push cart will deem extremely useful for you when you go on your golf games. The question would be which type is the best for you. Typically, there are four types that you can choose from. For you to get a better understanding of each, we will go through each of them one by one.
Golf push cart is an essential golf equipment. 

Manual Golf Push Cart

The manual golf push cart is the most common one of them all. These work somewhat like garden carts or wheelbarrows and don’t run on any battery or engine. They are simply just pushed around the golf course. There are two kinds of manual golf push carts, namely the three-wheeled one and the four-wheeled one. The four-wheeled push cart has a better balance than the three-wheeled one, but the latter is more compact and easier to bring around.

The manual golf push carts are lighter ones because they do not need to carry a motor. They can easily be folded and assembled which makes them easy to carry around. These are also the cheapest types that can be found in the market. This is kind of a basic cart to carry beginner golf clubs and other accessories,

Pull Carts

The golf pull cart is similar to the golf cart trolley with the difference being that the pull cart is for pulling your equipment instead of pushing them. They are even more compact and simpler then push carts. Another difference would be that pull carts have only two wheels.

The old man is pulling his golf equipment using a two-wheeled pull cart.

 Since this type does not have much storage space, it is the ideal type for those who don’t bring too much equipment with them and for those who like to travel light. These are also easier to assemble and fold since they are thinner and more compact.

Electric Golf Push Carts

Another type would be the electric golf push cart which is a motorized version of the regular golf push cart.  Unlike a manual push cart, this one has a motor which allows the cart to move by itself. The only thing that you have to do is to lead it around so that you can push it into the direction that you want it to go to. Electric push carts are usually powered by batteries, which means that you’ll need to charge it once the batteries have already been drained.

An electric golf push cart is powered by batteries.

Different electric carts would have different features. There are those that have cruise control, auto folding, and those that can speed up when commanded to. The great thing about this push cart is that it allows you to push your cart easily without having to use too much force.

Remote Controlled Golf Push Carts

The remote controlled push carts are the best types for those who don’t like to push and pull their equipment around. With this push cart, you can literally control your golf push cart to move. With the help of a remote control, you can make your push cart go wherever you want. All you need to do is direct its movement.

Golf can be a family activity over the weekend.
This is probably the best type for those who don’t want to move too much or for the senior citizens who cannot move equipment around too much. However, this type is the most expensive one since it comes complete with the control mechanism that allows you to move and control the cart.

These are the four types of golf push carts that you can choose from. Though the one that you would choose will all depend on factors such as your budget and your preference, the best one to buy would be the remote controlled push cart, especially for families and senior citizens.

Place your golf push cart a few meters away when you play.
The remote controlled push cart can be controlled even from a distance which means that you can literally bring your golf equipment toward you. This not only makes things easier and lessens your effort, but it also allows you to concentrate more on your game. It might be expensive; however, the money that you would spend to buy this push cart is definitely worth it, especially if you are a regular golfer that carries around a lot of equipment during tee time.
Carrying all your golf equipment is tiring; thus, use golf push cart instead.
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