Top TV Series You Cannot Afford to Miss in 2017

With the internet at our disposal, it is virtually impossible to say that you are bored.
From hundreds of free online games to online sites offering access to free movies and TV series, getting rid of boredom has never been this easy. These days, you’re firstly going to need the best broadband for online streaming to enjoy the latest film and TV shows available. Nobody wants to watch an episode of their favourite series that buffers after every 3 seconds.
Talk about frustrating!
While you look into getting yourself a faster and a better internet connection for all your online streaming needs, take a look at this year’s top TV series that you must start watching the first instance you get!

1: Big Little Lies:


With an amazing cast which includes the likes of Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon and the likes, this miniseries is getting rave reviews. If you love mystery, you will definitely love this show. David E. Kelly as it is, is known for never letting his audience down. Whatever he produces is sure to leave the audience wanting more.

2: Twin Peaks:


This one is for the David Lynch fans. If there was ever a show which balanced the element of mystery and creepiness in just the right amounts, it would be Twin Peaks! What makes this show so remarkable is that its 3rd season is coming out after 25 years.
Yes, you heard that correct! Before there was Breaking Bad and game of Thrones, Twin Peaks ruled the hearts of people by keeping them on their edge with all the murder mysteries. We can’t wait to see its 3rd season’s premiere.

3: Prison Break:


You might want to look into home theatre rental just for this and call all your friends over for the premiere of the 5th season of Prison Break’s. The show is said to pick things right up from where they left it. We can hardly wait to see what amazing plots they will be following this season.

4: Legion:

This one is for the Marvel fans. A new Marvel series that tells the journey of a man named David Haller who has spent a major part of his life, checking himself in and out of psychiatric hospitals. The twist is that nobody can really figure out if he actually needs psychological help or is he actually sane and the joke is on them?
Played by the ever charming Dan Stevens, we will be waiting to see how he does in his new role as David Haller in Legion.

5: Santa Clarita Diet:


Drew Barrymore showcases her amazing talent as Sheila, a full-time mom and wife living in the Santa Clarita community. The series follows her life and the ridiculous scenarios she gets herself into. We have a feeling we are going to be holding our sides from all that laughing!

So get that popcorn ready and have fun.

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