5 Space Saving Tips for Your Shipping Container Office

These days, shipping containers aren’t solely used for the transportation of goods. People all around the world are using them as a unique space to live and work. When correctly laid-out, shipping containers can make particularly great office spaces. They are cost-effective, eco-friendly and provide loads of room for creativity that you don’t get with an ordinary office building.

One of the biggest challenges with shipping container offices is creating enough space for storage. Luckily, there are many ways to maximise your container space to create a more organised, cost-effective and productive office environment.  Here are five of the best space-saving tips for your shipping container office.

Invest in Shelving

Shipping container storage shelving is the ideal solution for space issues. Layers of storage shelving attached to the container walls will allow you to take advantage of the vertical space in your container. This is the best way to properly utilise your space. Shelving can be custom built to fit your specific shipping container dimensions and hold any type of equipment you need. They can be used for holding fragile items, archive boxes, supplies or any tools you need. You could even find ways to use the shelving as a work bench to save more room.

Install Large Windows

Large windows are essential for anyone using their shipping container as an office. Having large windows will let in the natural light and keep your office feeling bigger than it really is. The natural light shining through will reduce the need for bulky lighting equipment like floor lamps, which tend to take up unnecessary space.

De-clutter Your Office Space

Keeping your workspace clear and tidy is important in any office setting. But in a shipping container office where there is limited space, this rule is even more essential. Look around your container and get rid of anything you don’t actually need or want. This includes supplies, furniture, decorations, equipment, or any items that may be taking up extra space. You are likely to stay more organised and get more work done if you put in the effort to clean up and de-clutter.

Get a Pegboard

Pegboards have long been a standard organisation tool. Pegboards are a great way to hold items that usually clutter up your worktops, like stationary and files. They will ultimately help to keep everything in order, making your work space much more organised. Pegboards are available in a variety of different sizes and are usually pretty cheap. Once you have them fitted, you can place the hooks to any of the holes on the board to hold your items. With some paint and design work done, you can make your pegboard look as playful and eclectic as you like, adding an element of style to your office.

Use Folding Furniture

Bulky items like office desks and chairs tend to take up lots of room in a shipping container. Folding furniture is a great practical alternative and an essential space maximiser. There are plenty of intuitive folding chairs, desks and tables on the market that can be used for work purposes. The best part is that it’s easy to move around when you need to create more space in your container.

Applying any one of these space saving tips is sure to make a difference. Once you set your mind to it, increasing the storage space of your shipping container is not a difficult task. All it takes is a little devotion and creativity.

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