Chartered Accountant - One Of The Hottest Career Option To Choose

If you’re trying to get big in accounting, here are some reasons why you should become a chartered accountant.

At first glance, you might not understand what the difference is a chartered accountant and an accountant from any other branch of the business. There are however very important differences and if accounting is what you like doing or what you aspire to do for a living, it’s also important to know that you can reach a lot higher by becoming a chartered accountant. It’s not just a matter of prestige, as there are clear benefits to becoming a CA (chartered accountant). There is also a great deal of work involved too, so it’s not quite just a ripe fruit up for the taking. You need to be hungry first and prove that through discipline and exemplary work put in. But many that work in accounting agree that it’s all worth it. Here are some of the advantages that come with being a chartered accountant:

Your pick of career
As mentioned previously, it’s very hard work to actually get your CA qualification. However, when you finally obtaining, you should know that you have a place waiting for you in one of the biggest companies in the world. You are free to choose your own business sector and even opt for the big brand or company you are most interested in working with. Chartered accountants are very highly regarded therefore in constant demand at the highest level of business and finances.

A job to write home about
If you associate being an accountant with having a mundane and otherwise boring existence, you shouldn’t feel that way about being a CA. In this position, you will get restricted access to information and experience about how to keep the biggest businesses running, as that would tie in directly with your job. It’s definitely an experience that shapes you as an individual and you have a lot of exciting things to witness and learn about.

Work in whatever country you want
Working abroad is a dream opportunity for many people. However, not everyone’s job is in such high demand as CAs. From this position, you can virtually choose to work anywhere in the world you desire as there are big companies all over the world looking for qualified CAs from all corners of the planet. So if you’ve ever wanted to visit or live in a different country or on a different continent, chartered accounting can open that door for you.

Job stability and great pay
These are the type of advantages that you might have seen coming but that doesn’t make them any less valid or valuable. Chartered accountants are needed everywhere as previously mentioned, and they are offered great pay but also job stability. The latter perk implies that you won’t have to worry about tomorrow or your occupation no longer being a sought after profession.

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