10 Customer Retention Strategies You Must Apply Today

Customer is King, but to keep the king happy companies have to give in their blood and sweat. But sometimes even that is not enough. In this modern day world where choices are never ending, no customer is a brand loyalist but is a mere brand switcher.
  You cannot fool them with your words, for they have done in-depth research even before stepping into your virtual or brick and mortar store. So how indeed can it be ensured if your customer only opts for you and not for your competition? The answer lies below.

1. Don’t sell, first comprehend
  Most often marketers are so focused on selling their own goods and services that they completely block out what the customer wants. Trying to push your customer towards a product would result in bad customer perception and poor branding. Show you care, understand what they need and they can demand.

2. Invest in their happiness
   Jeff Bezos says an happy customer will bring in more customers. If your customer is happy, they will share their happiness with other ten people. Making customers happy is not rocket science. Just give them what they are for and live up to their expectations with no foul play.Practically speaking, the moment a customer feels that they are getting something not just worth their money, but more, they will be head over heels for your brand.

3. Ask for their opinion

   When you set sail you check the compass. Similarly, when you set out to make your customers happy you first into to check and see what makes them happy. Make it possible for the customer to provide you feedback to know what more can you do, what you are not doing right and what you are doing best. Only when you improve your flaws, will the customer feel their opinion matters.

4. Keep in touch
   Every moment hundreds of your competitors are attacking your customers to persuade them to switch brands. You cannot be alert and try to keep them away. So the only thing that remains is to
Be there with them. Build up a good Customer Relationship Management team and invest in calling up or mailing out to your customers. It may be about new launches, offers or even just to get some feedback on their last buy. Bottom line, make them feel you remember them.

5. Be that friend who keeps popping up
    When you have a distributed network, no matter where your customer goes they will always get reminded of you, like KFC or Lay’s chips. Everything from your distribution network to your advertisements should be a strategy to retain your clients. If your competitor advertises frequently, and you don’t, the chances are they will stay longer in the consumer’s mind than you. So create a big distribution channel and invest in good quality content for advertising.

6. Accept your flaws
   Like any relationship, truth matters for a good bond. If you lie to your customers to show off your brand, you will get caught up in it and chances are not only will they never opt for your brand but also tell other people to do the same. But truthful about who you are and what you stand for.

7. Make the experience worth it
  Providing a good customer experience has become more than important now even the competition is so high. A good experience enhances the consumer buying process and makes them interested in participating in the same again. Like, when you order at sub way you can make your own sandwich. Even if you make a bad one, you will think that the next time you will do better.

8. Make them feel special

  While e-commerce has shifted focus from single customers to entire internet audience, it is not impossible to show that you care. Small details like calling up to wish your customer on their birthday or anniversary can go a long way to retain loyal customers.

9. Make a plan

Before you set out to make your customer happy, you need a strategy to help you reach your destination. Sit with your team and chalk out some good customer appreciation day ideas, like offers and shopping credits.

10. Check out effectiveness of strategy

If your efforts show no fruit, then it's nothing but waste. Conduct market research to see how effective your plan has been. Find out gaps in your approach and try to make a better comeback. Not checking effectiveness will ensure that your competition is getting ahead of yourself.

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