10 Ideas For You to Find the Perfect Personalized Gift for your Loved Ones

Those who are special indeed deserve nothing except special. But in this thousand billion population finding a special gift for a special person requires special help. Let’s face it, gifting has become harder than before. What you get in Kashmir might as well be available in Kanyakumari, Hence, the rising demand for personalized gifts. But if you want to stand out in your way of personalization, here are the top 10 pointers for you.

1. Use your words
Nothing can be more personalized than words itself. While everything may be same, the words spoken by each person carry a different feeling to different people. Write a card or send a voice note to a dear one and be assured that your words will bring a smile,

2. Make a video
This is one of the trendiest gifts right now. Self-made videos are breaking the internet making it the most convenient personalized gifting option. You can get a lot of apps on the app store that can help you easily create a picture video in just a few steps.

3. Handcraft a fun thing
 Making something special for someone special even makes us feel very special. Especially if you are looking for gifts for her, these are the way to go because girls really dig handmade stuff. May it be a bracelet or a customized coffee mug or cute showpiece out of waste.

4. Ring it in
Rings are and has always been a wonderful gift. With changing times rings can be highly personalized. From writing names to rings, you can now write names on a grain of rice and place it in a ring or even make a ring out of hair. Might sound a bit crazy, but it’s definitely a high level of personalizing.

5. Freeze time
One of the coolest gifts in the block right now, be it some new age skeleton watches or wristwatches with customized backgrounds are making it big. All you need is a picture you want in the background and you 're good to go. Make sure you choose a picture which will stay visible over the dials.

6. Write a song
Music has been the most personalized form of gifting since time immemorial. Nothing beats having your own song. You can even write a small poem and add some rhythm to it. There are a lot of apps that can easily guide you to compose your own music.

7. Tuck in a tee
Tees are the most useful gift for the young generation. Because first, we all wear one. And second, we all want one that’s different from others. But while choosing the content for the tee make sure you don’t add something that’s obscene or not very social, or else the person wouldn’t be able to wear it around much.

8. Do your “thing”
With some people, we have our ‘thing’. A thing that we do together and enjoy only doing together. It might be going to a special place or eating a special food or doing something special. The bottom line is the time spent together and doing something that means a lot to both of you.

9. Set out a treasure
Sometimes you need to make life a little fun. This gift is an awesome gift for close friends. Set out a treasure map for them and leave them clues.

10. Bake a cake

Nobody ever went unhappily to get a cake as a gift. Big or small, we all love cakes and it's more fun when someone makes one especially for us. Ditch the same old cake recipe and bake a cake in a fun shape and with fun icing, like a book or a football.

Personalized gifts are all about the person to whom you are gifting. Think what will touch their heart the most and go for it. It all depends on how well you know the person.

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