10 Reasons to Implement Quality Management System in Your Business

If you want to make it big, you need to give your customers either of the two things, quantity or quality. Now, while the former can be compensated with, the later? Is a top-notch priority in todays over-competitive world.
   If you focus on quantity, today you might be king, but tomorrow someone offering a better deal will just throw you off your throne.But quality is always the king. History is proof that companies selling a superior quality of goods always finds a market for itself, no matter how now competitive the market is. So, here’s 10 reasons why, you need to implement ISO 9001 Quality Management into your organization, and you need to do it now.

1. Better marketing

When we market we only wish the customers to see what we want them to see, and what we want them to see is the very best image of a brand. And what’s better than government certification to help reel in customers? 

2. Better work efficiency

One big point in production units is work efficiency. Application of Total Quality Management techniques, helps the company keep quality in check at various levels of the production process and also helps in reducing faulty work.

3. More faith for customers

No matter how cheap a product is, the customer will always ask himself the same question. Is it worth it? Quality is always a matter of question. So, when a customer has the option to choose from many, they will tend to opt for such products that come with quality certification.

4. Keeping workers in check

At-large production units, it is hard to ensure that workers are not playing around with the quality of the product created and is 100% dedicated to producing the very best quality in the given resources. This may be caused by organizational conflict or worker’s attitude. But, when TQM is imbibed at the very core of the process, all workers will be crystal clear with the fact that quality is not something that can be compromised upon.

5. Reduces Losses

One of the biggest reasons for companies to follow Quality Management is to reduce their losses. Having TQM ensures that there is maximum utilization of resources, thereby reducing scrap and increasing production to the optimum capacity.
6. Being on par with competition

No one wants to lag behind in the race of profit making. F your product requires to meet ISO certification, your peers would have already done it and pasted it in bold letters in their ads to show off how quality oriented their brand is. So if you are still not doing it, it’s time to re-think.

7. Creating a better brand

At times it’s not all about profit making but also about making a future for the brand. The question every businessman asks himself is will his business still be running in the long run? Maintaining quality gives you goodwill which will help you to get more loyal customers and increase your customer base and brand loyalty.

8. Maintaining industry standards

At times it is made mandatory by the industry you operate in to follow ISO standards. In such cases not having the same will mean you are producing something that is not worth anything in the market because it is not government certified. This kind of act creates speculation in the industry and a bad name too.

9. Attracting new customers

Even a customer who knows absolutely nothing about your product will appeal more to it when they think the government is speaking good of you. Think of it this way, when you go shopping online don’t you prefer products with reviews?

10. Aids in legal obligations

The government can get really cocky at the weirdest of hours and just might slap you with a legal notice. As we said, for some industries IS0 9001 certification is something you need to have without fail. So make sure you check it out before you enter the trade.
  Quality Management is something all organizations, big or small are adopting into so as to offer better products, have a better image in the industry and to be of exceptional quality.

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