3 Popular ways to work on fitness and weight loss with Muay Thai

Muay Thai is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep fit. It’s very intensive and involves the whole of your body. That’s why if you are looking to lose weight, then Thailand, the home of Muay Thai, is the place to be. Unfortunately, not everyone training in Muay Thai gets to lose weight. That’s because some people do not get the concept right from the start. Don’t fall into this category of people. Make sure that you fully understand what it takes to use this sport as a tool to losing weight and getting full body fitness. To help you out, here are 3 popular ways to work on fitness and weight loss with Muay Thai.

1. Watch your diet
If you are looking to work on fitness and weight loss with Muay Thai, you need to watch your diet. Just like any other form of fitness program, if you take in more calories than you are burning out, you will not lose weight. Muay Thai may make you strong and give you a better cardiovascular system, but if you don’t watch what you eat, your weight won’t change no matter how hard you train. Therefore, to lose weight and keep fit with Muay Thai, you need to consult a nutritional expert. Such a professional will give you guidance as to how much calories you need to take in while practicing Muay Thai. Conversely, you may track how much calories you burn during your routine Muay Thai workout, then eat less than that. This way, you will lose weight and achieve the fitness goals you are aiming for.

2. Join a Muay Thai camp
If you want to lose weight and keep fit using Muay Thai, then you stand a good chance of achieving your goals by joining a camp. For starters, by joining a Muay Thai camp Thailand, you gain access to the best gym facilities in the country.  It is in these gyms that you get to train with people who understand what it takes to keep fit, through a vigorous training routine combined with a highly balanced and rationed diet. On top of that, by joining a camp, you get the motivation to train, since you are in a group, and you can always motivate each other. This is something that would be hard to achieve if you choose to train Muay Thai on your own. By training alone, you will quickly get bored and give up on your weight loss and fitness goals.

3. Engage in LSD (Longer-Slower-Distance) cardio exercises at least 3 times a week

This is one of the most popular exercise routines for people looking to lose weight through Muay Thai. That’s because it not only helps you increase stamina but also lose weight, which makes you more agile and effective in your Muay Thai training sessions.  Muay Thai is all about agility and body strength, and may not be effective on its own for a person looking to lose weight. That’s why combining it with an LSD exercise routine such as skipping rope can give you excellent results, and hence its popularity amongst people looking to keep fit using Muay Thai.

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