5 Tips for Choosing the Best Paintball Gear for Beginners

Paintball is an exciting activity that can be done on different occasions like birthdays and can also be taken up as a sport since the game is sometimes competitive and has a specific set of rules. For you to take part in this activity the type of gear you use is very important. There are a few things to consider when picking gear for paintball.

The mask provides protection for the face and part of the neck in paintball. It must be put through testing to ensure that the quality of the mask is good and it covers the whole face. Some of the parts of the mask include the lens which is used to stop paint, dirt, and smoke out of your eyes. The frame holds the lens to the mask to ensure they don’t fall off. Bottoms wrap around the sides to cover the chin, nose, and part of the neck. Strap- they hold the mask on the head to ensure the mask doesn’t fall off. For beginners, the JT Flex 8 has the best mask since it is comfortable, has good visibility and full head cover.
Paintball guns can be very expensive but they are the main gear for paintball. The type of gun used is based on the type of paintball game you are playing. When playing wood ball, the mechanical gun is the best. This is because the game is organized and requires efficiency and accuracy since it’s mostly played in the woods. They take long shots and lasts longer. Speedball is a fast game that doesn’t exceed four minutes and payers move fast. When playing speedball, the electronic gun would be the best fit since it can fire more than one ball at a time. Pump guns require more energy since they have to be pumped every time you fire. The Tippmann Pneumatics offers the best paintball gun for beginners. On a lighter note, just make sure you are asking for paintball guns, not laser tag gun.
The types of clothes you wear during paintball are very important when picking paintball gear. The clothing should be elastic to enable you to move easier in the game. Consider the garment and thickness of the clothing. You must ensure that the garment is durable and does not easily tear in case of grazing. The clothing must have protective padding to prevent injuries while playing. The clothing should not be tight or too loose. A perfect example is the HK Army Hardline pants.
This is where you load the paintballs so that they are fed into the gun. They differ in shapes and also sizes. While choosing a hopper, the capacity of paintballs it holds is very important. Some hold up to 140 balls or even more, depending on how many it can hold without over or under filling. You can also choose between a gravity hopper or an electric hopper, depending on your preference and type of game you are playing.

The paintball is made of a gelatin base outer shell with water-based paint on the inside. When purchasing the balls, ensure that they are in great shape and have not expired. If you purchase expired balls, they will burst before impact.

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