Top 10 activities to do on your Mauritius Honeymoon

Mauritius, one of the most romantic places for vacation. A land of the paradise for lovebirds, it gives you the perfect view to spend some time with your loved ones at nature’s bounty. The sea, the sky, and fresh wind. Sounds simple, but for us living in the roller coaster lifestyle, we know the worth of this blissful peace.

   But peace doesn’t mean no fun at all, especially when you are in Mauritius. So for those who are planning to go on a first or even a second honeymoon, here’s what Mauritius’s fun store got for you.

1. See the place from a top view of a helicopter

A top view of Mauritius is a breath-taking view. One that feels like a fairy tale painting. Hire a helicopter and take your love on the high ride. You can even club it up with a little picnic. But be careful not to spill the wine!

2. Savor the wine

When you are getting drunk in love and in nature’s beauty, why stop it there? Get drunk real time. Taste fine wine from the vineyards and don’t forget to take a bottle back to your hotel room.

3. Surf on those waves

The waters of Mauritius calls for surfing. A very fun activity, more so if you have never done it before. Go out and ride those waves, but make sure you get some help.

4. Trek uphill for that majestic view

Sometimes there is nothing more romantic than a walk. Holding hands, talking your hearts out. More so, if the destination is as good as the journey. Set out your Google map and go for a small trek to get a top view of Mauritius.

5. Don’t just swim, swim with dolphins

 You can always go for a swim, but swimming with dolphins, that’s something you cannot do every day. Try it out, go ride on the humpbacks of some dolphins.

6. Hop from island to island

Island hopping is something you cannot do in India. Get a local guide and go out and see the beauty of Mauritius. Check out the beautiful islands of Mauritius and soak your feet in the crystal clear water and say hi to the fishes.

7. Check out the street food

The is may be the first thing to do on your to-do list. What better thing to do than eating soul food in the company of your love. Hit the streets in the evening and try out delicious seafood of Mauritius from the best local shops. Because like any other place, while you get high-quality food in top-notch restaurants, you get your soul foods in the roadside shacks.

8. Jump off a cliff

We are not talking about jumping off a cliff to prove your love. But when was the last time you held your lover’s hand, closed your eyes and took a leap into the plain air? Never right. So now is the time, give it try. While the adrenaline rushes through your body, you will surely feel safe holding your love’s hand.

9. Live by the beach

While you can also do that in Goa, but the crowd here is just way better, if you know what we mean. Nobody bugs you. You just go on in the live and let live policy. Book a hotel by the beach, or pack a basket and go for a nice lunch in an isolated corner of the beach.

10. Go sailing on a Yacht
Now this one is going to cost you money, but well you don’t go honeymooning every day, so we bet you it will be totally worth it. The sea, some champagne and your love by your side while you sail into the sunset. Doesn’t get any more romantic than that, does it?

These all activities are some of the many many things you can try out on your time in Mauritius. But since you are going honeymooning, we thought to keep it only to couple stuff. And hey, you can always find out your own thing and make it the next best thing. So get set go, pack your bags and book yourself direct Mumbai to Mauritius Flights and live your dream vacation.

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