Enjoy 6 Activities With Your Kids Before They Turn Into 18

In today's fast life we generally miss spending time with our children. Generally, nowadays both husband and wife are working together; therefore both of them will only get time on weekends and for many only one day that’s been Sunday. 
Now you get only one free day, hence we always do every extra work on Sunday and pass your weekend to clear your pending work. If you are that kind of father and mother then please stop from your busy life and look back towards your child.
Enjoy these 6 things with your child before they turn 18.
1.    Playing games with them
Here, you might say that you play many times, but playing the game in his/her way like, be a kid with them. Due to this activity, you will not only know their interest in particular sports but also know their mindset towards a win and lose. This activity especially fills the gap between parent and child. Once he crosses his 18 then he will not have time for you.

2.    Instant tour plans


Many times you are so busy at work that you are going home only to sleep, as after spending high stressed duties. On the weekend, plan short trip where you both parents also get time for each other and your kid will also get fresh air and support of his parents. Here avoid all kinds’ personal issues and enjoy.
3.    Beat his/her fear


This activity will not make your kid stronger, but also makes him more confident, as we all do have a certain kind of fear. It is the time to beat that fear in your kid. Like, earlier I used to have a fear of driving a cycle, but one day my father decided to defeat mine fear.

4.    Cook together for lady of the house

Whether the women are working or not one duty is always fixed for her and that duty is kitchen duty. Here one can give special treatment to that hardworking woman and you will teach something new to your kid.

5.    Watch an animation movie in home

You can stop one-day news channel debates and TV serials for your kid right. Make a popcorn close curtain of the window and watch the movie of his choice; you will see sparks in the face of your kid. Here you don’t even need any extra expense, although you will manage a big smile on his face

6.    Social work
Home is a first school and parents are the first teachers. Your kid will always copy you; if you are selfish he will become the same after 18. If you are humble, he will copy this attitude. Start teaching your kids social work through volunteering in a weekend.

This post may be simple for a few, but a lot more, helpful for others who ignore these simple things and then blame that their kids are not listening to them especially fathers.

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