7 Bonafide Ways to Beat the Monday Blues

Well, it might be a Friday when I’m writing this blog, but the pain of Mondays is what every professional understands. No matter if the person is an executive, manager, and the entire hierarchy, the Monday blues are same for everyone. While writing itself, I can actually feel that Monday is coming closer.

After spending a thrilling and fun-filled weekend doing what you all love to do, there’s always a Monday that scares you to the deepest. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. With some really practically experienced tips that can help you cope up with the restlessness and the tired feeling on Monday.

Let’s get forth your action plan with the 7 bonafide ways to turn your Monday Blues to a happy start of the week.

1. Stop living for the weekends
The more you crave for something, the shorter the happiness looks like. Live every day and have plans for the weekends but don’t keep thinking about the same from Monday to Friday. Spread your plan in the different days of the week so that you don’t treat the weekend as the only time for you to enjoy.

2. Don’t include Sunday nights as a plan
Weekends are there to help you rejuvenate for the next week of work. Partying throughout the days (Friday night to Sunday evening) would leave you with no scope of resting. Thus, the next week would make you feel even more lethargic. Hence, keep your Fridays and Saturdays partying while Sundays to help yourself calm down and relax. You’ve got a couple of people to meet? Bring them all in for a Girl’s night out or split them accordingly giving them time accordingly. Just remember that Sunday night plans will ruin your health and mood for the Monday, leading to a sleepy at work and the Monday Blues.

3. Have a strategy for Monday mornings
The Sunday when you have had your proper sleep, had food that makes you happy and is feeling good, sit down and plan what you’re going to wear and how you’re going to carry yourself together. For example, you can choose a smart Ralph Lauren dress or a formal wear assembled with Michael Kors bags, shoes by Prada, and pamper yourself to look good. And remember to re-set the alarm in order to wake up on time and avoid being late for work.

4. Make your Monday mornings pumped up
Don’t sleep until late. Wake up on time and get out for a quick run. Come back prepare your breakfast and have a stomach full of it. Skipping breakfast will make you feel irritated and nauseous after some time. Hence, it would be a foolish decision to skip your first meal of the day. Next in queue of pumping up the mornings would include listening to peppy music. Plug in your favorite tracks and dance while you do your morning things. Whether you’re exercising or preparing breakfast, let the music wake up the deepest part of you.

5. Smile - it is good for you
Who has ever been hurt by a kind smile? I don’t think it is bad to smile in order to make your day better. Whether you share a laugh with your work partners or have a contagious smile that spreads a smile around, smiling is what’s necessary. You know how contagious smiles are and what are their advantages. Hence, go ahead and spread yours.

6. Chocolate helps
When I feel the Monday blues, I generally give myself a treat with dark chocolates and a strong cup of coffee. Others around me have their own ways to beat the gloomy feeling. You also can have your way by taking yourself out for a short break having what you love to eat or chatting with your workmates and enjoying chocolate with them. Chocolate makes you happy and it is a must-have for days when you aren’t prepared to be happy.

7. Look for the reason why Mondays are blue for you
Do you think Mondays are blue? Have they been like this ever since? Look out for the reasons and you might want to take a look at your career if you aren’t satisfied with the same. Switching is also what helps but not in every case. So, be careful.

What do you do to beat the Monday blues? Do let us know in the comments below.

About Author: I’m Neha, a writer by choice and an introspective by nature. I’m not really a fashion connoisseur, but have been writing about the fashion industry, lifestyle, and relationship for quite some time. I have written content for many websites like Darveys.

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