7 Proven Yoga Poses For Women to Improve Sex Life

Yoga is all about keeping your body fit, healthy and flexible. Started in ancient India, it has got its followers all over the world.
Yoga asanas are not only for keeping you fit but also it can help you steam up your moves on the bed and definitely will help you to enjoy various sex positions.
That’s why we have got you seven yoga poses to help you enjoy the sex with your partner.
#1 : Puppy Dog Stretch

This pose has the power to G-spot-stimulation.
#2 : Half Dog At The Wall

This is is pretty easy where you get hand support.
#3 : Happy Baby

This is absolutely self-explanatory. isn’t it?
#4 : Downward Facing Dog

Makes a good practice for the night session.

#5 : Firefly

This one perfect for the ones who try some daredevil stuffs.
#6: Reclined Big Toe

Little stretch can make you flexible.
#7 : Standing Split

The last one is for those who plan to have aerobics on the bed.
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