How to Match Your Engagement Ring to Your Wedding Dress Style?

Have you been looking at Pinterest for inspiration to find a perfect wedding gown? Discovering what wedding gown style fits you best is only one part of the equation. You should also make sure your engagement ring matches your overall style.

The trick to finding a perfect engagement ring and wedding gown pair is in the details. Every single choice you make tells something about your preferences. Are you more of a traditionalist or do you gravitate towards modern, bold trends? Would you like your wedding dress to be more ornate or minimalistic?
You can apply the same answers when hunting for an engagement ring too. In this article, we’ll give you some of the most popular wedding gown trends and engagement rings to match.

Minimalist Dress

Do you prefer your wedding dress to be as simple and minimal as possible? A minimalist dress can really help bring out your curves and silhouette, in which case less is definitely more. Sleeved or sleeveless, simple sheath dress can help bring out your features and not distract from your beauty. Obviously, a minimalistic ring will go perfectly with this style. Choose a simple setting with one small, round diamond or many smaller ones.

Off the Shoulder Dress

There’s nothing that screams sexy louder than a dress that shows off your shoulders and teases your décolletage, especially when paired with long sleeves and ornate laces. This exquisite look goes perfectly with a solitaire ring featuring a twisted band and a round or cushion cut diamond.

Top and Pants Combo

Some brides detest the concept of a traditional wedding dress and prefer wearing something bold like pants. There are a lot of great designs that put a spin on the traditionally male-worn piece of clothing, making pants more feminine and ideal for your special day. The perfect engagement ring to go with such a bold style should be equally unorthodox. Think a pear diamond cut in a modern setting with prongs or an unusually shaped band.

Rose Dress

Pink is the new white, at least as far as millennials are concerned. A lot of designers are choosing to paint their creations pink, and the result is surprisingly fabulous. Young brides who decide to stay away from the traditional white or champagne dresses will find rose gold engagement rings complement these dresses marvelously.

Bow Dresses

Bows have always been used to accent a wedding dress, but now more than ever bows are used in creative ways and in the most unexpected of places. These dresses work best with unusual engagement ring settings, such as a three-stone ring or an engagement ring with a princess cut diamond.

High Collar Dresses

Even with all the exciting modern trends, one trend that never goes out of style is vintage. Designers are still inspired with traditional creations, and this season high collars are the heat. These dresses reminisce traditional Victorian ones, but with a modern twist. It comes as no surprise that these dresses work best with a vintage engagement ring. Good news is you can look for one of those in your own family heirloom.

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