Why Quiet Beach Towns Are Your Best Vacation Choice

From Cancun, Mexico, to Miami, Florida, and Honolulu, Hawaii, some of the top beach destinations are in bustling cities. While the exciting nightlife and chic restaurants may be an attraction for some, you'll also have to put up with loud clubs, expensive food, and large numbers of tourists when you choose these destinations. 
If you want the best of both worlds for affordability and coastline experiences, a quiet beach town is a way to go. Learn more about what makes small beach towns a better option and get ideas for peaceful places to visit.

You'll Find Smaller Crowds
One of the top reasons to pick quiet beach towns is that you'll be able to skip the crowds. In turn, you get more space on the beach, shorter lines at restaurants, and quiet evenings strolling down the quaint streets of the town. You won't have to circle parking lots to find a spot or deal with overcrowded hotels filled with spring breakers. Instead, you can expect a stress-free vacation with plenty of space to relax, such as the secluded Keewaydin Island, Florida, which is accessible only by boat.
Better Affordability
Staying in a small beach town also means you'll save money. Everything from the accommodations to the food is cheaper when you choose this type of destination. Fewer tourist spots mean that businesses aren't increasing prices to take advantage of visitors, and the fact that hotels and bed-and-breakfasts aren't always fully booked means that costs are typically lower. 
Orange Beach, Alabama, is one example. You can check out the affordable hotels in Orange Beach to see how much you can save on your accommodations. This small beach town is a more budget-friendly option compared to more popular Gulf Coast destinations such as Destin, Florida; Gulf Shores, Alabama; South Padre Island, Texas; and Siesta Key, Florida.
Getting Around Is Less Stressful
In a small beach town, everything you want is often within a short walk. Since accommodations in town will be cheaper, you can skip the car and explore your destination on foot. You can walk out of your hotel and be only steps away from the beach, shops, restaurants, and other activities. You don't need to stress over the costs or logistics of parking, and you can skip cab fares and bus fares. 
Empire, Michigan is a great example. This little village on Lake Michigan has a population of fewer than 400 people and features cafes, taverns, sand dunes, beaches, and a lighthouse all within walking distance from each place.
Uninterrupted Tranquility
While the conveniences mentioned above are certainly great selling points, the best part of visiting a small beach town is the peaceful atmosphere. While bigger beach towns have overworked seasonal staff dealing with large groups of visitors, the businesses in a small beach town are often staffed by friendly faces who work year-round. You can rest easy at night being lulled to sleep by the sound of gentle waves rather than being kept up by late-night partiers. That peace and quiet makes your vacation feel like a luxurious getaway where you return home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated rather than exhausted and stressed.
Choose a quiet beach destination for your next trip to take advantage of the many perks that come with small-town life.

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