4 Unexpected Things You Can Only Do in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse is a city most only know by name and roughly where it's located on a map of New York. What people don't know is how interesting this city can be. Here are four unique and unexpected things to do when you visit Syracuse.
The Largest Indoor Suspended Ropes Course
Canyon Climb Adventure, found inside the city's Destiny USA shopping mall, is an attraction you won't want to miss during your vacation. The obstacle course is suspended about 70 feet in the air, includes more than 80 different obstacles, and divides these obstacles into three levels of exploration. Tickets are $12 plus tax, and they can be purchased online or in person on the third level of the mall's Canyon section. If you'd like to try out the obstacle course more than once during your trip, try booking a hotel within walking distance for your convenience.
The Upside-Down Traffic Light
Syracuse is home to the only upside-down traffic signal in the country. Found on Tipperary Hill, which is known as an Irish neighborhood, this signal was put up in 1925 at the intersection of Milton Avenue and Tompkins Street. The history of why the green is on the top and red on the bottom is due to the discontent of the local residents with British red being above Irish green. This made it seem to like green was inferior to red. After much protest, Syracuse allowed the Irish residents to have their way.
The Tree of 40 Fruit
Created by an associate professor at the Syracuse University School of Art, this tree's name is not a misconception; it really holds 40 different varieties of fruit! Sam Van Aken used grafting to make the tree grow the different fruits, which include peach, apricot, and cherry. It may look like any ordinary tree throughout the year, but come spring, the tree blooms and you will see just how interesting and unique this tree is.
Barbecue and Live Music
There's nothing ancient about Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, the city's most popular restaurant. With its Southern atmosphere and popularity with locals, you'll feel like you're in the South at a traditional barbecue. The menu includes Southern classics like fried green tomatoes, deviled eggs, and BBQ brisket sandwiches. If you're a vegetarian, you'll enjoy the food here, too; enjoy the Vegetarian Smoked Portobello mushroom sandwich or a Black and White Bowl that has no meat. With the addition of live music, why not go somewhere you can eat, drink, and dance the night away?
By planning your trip accordingly with a hotel in a central location and an itinerary full of exciting things to do, you'll be more prepared to experience Syracuse as a local would. The next time that you plan to visit this city, make sure to add these places to your list of things to do. Syracuse is more than just a city in the state of New York; it's home to historic and unique people, places, and things.

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