4 Ways to Explore Tybee Island Like a Local

Thousands of people head to Tybee Island every year. They swim in the beautiful waters off the Georgia coast and learn about the area's unique history through landmarks like Tybee Island Light and the Fort Pulaski National Monument. However, if you want to see what life is like for the people who live here, you'll want to plan a different type of vacation. Build your itinerary around these four ways to explore Tybee Island like a local.

Pick the Right Hotel
To truly experience local culture, you need to pick a Tybee Island hotel that's in the right location and has knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the area. Try to find accommodations near the attractions you want to see so you can visit some places on foot and experience island life's unique pace. A hotel with concierge services can also provide recommendations for attractions and restaurants in the area that locals prefer.
Soak Up the Local Art Scenes
Experiencing local culture is the best way to see the island from the perspective of those who live here. Check the Tybee Arts Association calendar for a list of performances, classes, and events scheduled during your visit. Tybee Post Theater is another location where you can see local performers. During the day, plan a trip to one of these art galleries:
  • Fish Art Gallerie: Part collection of local art pieces and part collection of antiques and vintage finds, Fish Art Gallerie is a fantastic place to connect with Tybee Island culture and meet some friendly locals.
  • Tybee Cottage Art Gallery: This gallery is a cooperative that area artists manage and use to showcase their work.
  • Tybean Art & Coffee Bar: In addition to excellent coffee and food, Tybean Art & Coffee Bar is another location where you can see local artwork. The cafe is also a good spot for people-watching or introducing yourself to some area residents and asking for their recommendation on places to see and things to do.
You can also connect with local artists during a Tybee Arts Plein Air Painters class. Taking advantage of Tybee Island's natural beauty, artists find nearby outdoor locations where they set up and paint or draw the scenery.
Spend Your Vacation on Local Time
Time goes at a different pace on Tybee Island. To truly explore the shops and eateries like a local, ease back on your itinerary and go with the flow. The best thing you can do to blend in is to not rush and leave the electronics back in your hotel room.
Watch the Sunset From the Back River
Even the people who have lived here for decades can't resist the allure of a Tybee Island sunset. One of the best spots to experience the view is from Back Island. Go to A-J's Dockside Restaurant and take advantage of the outdoor waterfront seating for fresh seafood and drinks.
The Georgia coastline is an incredible place that's best experienced like a local. Explore the vibrant art scene, take in a gorgeous sunset, and, most importantly, set your watch to Tybee Time and let yourself unwind during your vacation.

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