Entrepreneurship- A Resolution And A Revolution

The demand for working in corporate companies thought was a larger platform some years ago but is gradually decreasing these days. There are many reasons for this. One of the burning problems is the tiresome job spans. However, newer ideas by the delicate brains of the youngsters are working out such plans that can be the perfect one that builds a better career. One of such aspect has been dealt in “Forbes”. So, let us see what actually it dealt with.


it is an American business magazine which is published on a weekly basis that features topic related to the finance, industries, investments in different sectors and also topics based on marketing facilities. Besides, there are also dealt with topics related to technology, communications systems, scientific innovations or even law.

Headquarters- the headquarters of Forbes is at Jersey City, New Jersey.

These days; the youngsters are losing the interest of working in a corporate sector probably due to two major risks. One of the risks is the lack of a secured and a permanent job and the other can be a lower payment scheme. Job satisfaction is something that can keep one glued to the sector he is working for. But when this satisfaction is not attained, things become miserable.
The new plan and the motives of the youth are to start businesses with low to high investments and earn profits in an easy manner. The locations are more or less near to their places of belonging. It has been estimated that about three-quarters of the population of USA is working with the “DIY” formula.

These days the rising problem is an imperfect job code. Youngsters are seeking employment that has no clear base. The problem begins when there is no clear vision of what is the career scope in that particular job filed. Often there are companies that are seeking to provide employment to the youth without providing a blueprint.

The malpractices of a disrupted economy are spoiling the life and the entire career span of an individual. So, it is better to have a glance at the quick guidelines from “the Millennial Game Plan”.
But the problem arises when the educated millennial from the colleges start analyzing the world with a different theory. They keep seeking opportunities that have no backbone. They are busy to set plans for being an entrepreneur with a small start-up business rather than moving to a great workplace as an employee.

According to their estimates, about fifty million American people are moving to this business in the present year. The way is so desirable because it is easy, does not possess risk and the scope of the profits. Moreover, making arrangement for such services isn’t a tough one. Thinking about such a world, Bellhops was born. This service had led its foundations to help out some of the college students who were interested in working with prearranged dorms.
The count is so great that till now it has outreached to involve 8000 movers who are moving to about 130 new cities with 42 new states. 

A start-up business requires the entrepreneur to look into several aspects so that years after this could run as a multimillion-dollar company. Most noteworthy aspects are as follows:
Ø  Objective
The major objective is to make the student focus on the goal of doing something unique. The company does not focus on to emotive of becoming rich within a fortnight. Rather, they are interested in doing small businesses of shifting home articles in the form of “moving” services. The services are within a short range of moving from one apartment to other or to the marketplace.
Ø  Profits
This company is a profitable both to the customers as well as the people who are involved in it. The booking service is quite an easy one with arranging the move with the online services. The customers can avail the college students helping out to move on an hourly basis.This startup a business is regarded to be already a great one in this way.
Ø  Motivation
Motivation is a great option to inspire the youth to do the work. The payments for this are reliably paid to the employees who are involved. When the boomers inspire the youth, they are more interested to carry out their work in a speedier manner. This is also beneficial on behalf of the customers who can avail to employ any student who is eager to do the job instantly.
Ø  Millennial goals
The millennial love to process out their work quicker and in an easier way. For, this all they need to do is to make the arrangements for their work as soon as possible. They just like the idea of a cooperative customer service care that is always ready to serve them with all the valuable services.
On behalf of the company, the customers are their guests. The companies are always ready to serve the best to their customers so that there is a never an option to complain about the services.
Ø  “Moving” orders
The orders that are placed for the moving services is just in the form of emailing the photos, the email address and also a practical bio-data of the customers. Only a call by the Bellhops society is enough to finalize the services with their customers either on the day or today before the move is arranged.
Ø  Choosing profession
This is a very important strategy to earn better profits and also a good satisfaction on behalf of the employees. The idea that is applied here is to allow the employees choose their own jobs to prove how skilled they are in their own field. When one is excellent in those fields, he will do it in a perfect manner without actually letting someone else in the higher authority to shout and yell at them.
Ø  Flexibility
Flexibility is an important criterion to get better employee power. When one chooses his own post, he is ready to work better and earn better profits for the company.
Ø  Newer strategies
The newer strategies in the span of the company are incredible. Previously, the boomers were busy calculating for a perfect span of long years with their prevailing company. But these days, the idea of the millennial focus that the span must be only about two years but not more than that. This has been thought to be a better idea.
Previously the strategies of the company were based in the form of codes of conduct as were placed in the form of handbooks and codified materials. But these days, the other fields like the social media and also personal contacts are trying to solve out.


These days the profession is on such a rise that students are developing ways to earn in better fields with better profits. The small start-up businesses are in the form of part-time jobs like movers, chefs, yoga trainers and almost every field one wants to go like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship and employing small span employeesare the better ideas that can be suitable with the present generation where the corporate world s not ready to suggest a good forum and a better code of conduct for its employees.

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