Incense: The Natural Alternative - Surprising Benefits

The burning of incense is quite varied in nature. This not only acts like the simple air freshener but also aids in many other ways. There are such physiological benefits that cannot be expected from any other source. There are many reasons as to why the different religions, the tribal healers and also the physicians have always opted for the incense.

It is quite amazing to even think about the incense carrying health benefits with itself. However, this is a fact. They do possess some of the incredible benefits that will act as a quick supplement to any of the strenuous health factors.

1. Concentration and focus

There are special incenses that are meant for only the elevation of the thinking capabilities and also for the development of the sense of awareness. This is an age-old tradition to use the incense for meditation. There is also a beautiful fact about this. In the ancient days, the jewelry makers to used incense for focussing on their work and free them from boredom.

2. Motivation
Incense is considered to be a basic material used by the spiritual leaders for the purpose of cleansing one’s soul. Some of the incense smokes are great to fight against the bacterial growth and thus helps in keeping the air purifier. The effect that incense puts to our brain helps in bringing the positive energy and driving away the negative energy. Thus, this acts as a clear medium to increase the enthusiasm for our day to day works.

3. Creativity

Incenses have an aroma that is usually a pleasure time that helps in building the creative zeal. When the day to day activities make us feel pitiable about our life, the incense are the saviors. The scents can drive our mind to be focused on some other places that are a land of imagination. The pleasant smells add a beauty to our dreams.

4. Confidence
Whenever there is a pleasant atmosphere that is lingering with the sweet smells of the incense, it naturally boots the confidence. Whenever there are beautiful smells to relax us, we are free to think more about a particular thing and find out newer ways to deal with that.

5. Sexual Desires
The incense that is used in the form of the perfumes is aphrodisiac which acts as an attraction from the opposite sex. The strong smells have a great power to stimulate the sexual desires and also the sexual appetites. The smells are beautiful to increase the potentiality to spend some sweet time with the partner.

6. Freeing from infections
There are a lot of incense that are specially built to act as a disinfectant and kill the germs. The incenses are used to sterilize the wards of the hospital in China. By the use of the incense, it is possible to keep the environment sterilized and hence fight infections.
Certain incense has smokes that have healing properties whose rubbing on the regions of wound allow the body to heal faster.

7. Combating the headaches
The smells of the incense act as a direct one to trigger the responses of the brain and in that process relieves the brain. There are certain aromatic substances like the serotonin and dopamine that allows giving the relief and liberating from the headaches. The blood pressures can also be lowered by relaxing the nasal passages.
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It is a well-known fact that there are several fragrances involved with the incenses. But at the same time, it is important to know that how each is different.

Ø  Sandalwood
The woodsy odor and the beautiful smells act as a correct alternative to the chemical fresheners. The aroma of the sandalwood helps in relieving the stress and the anxieties. This also enhances the quality of the sleep and lowering the blood pressure levels. Not only is the increase special in the burnt form, rather the essential oil that is derived out from it has medicinal values. According to the aromatherapy, the sandalwood can be used as an essential element which can be burnt before going to bed. This gives a comfortable atmosphere and hence giving a soothing feeling.

The blood pressure levels can also be regulated that saves one from the strokes, cardiac arrest and also other degenerating heart symptoms. Moreover, the sandalwood has been used as an awesome formula to heal the wounds by the activation of the olfactory receptors and in turn stimulating the keratin formation.

Ø  Frankincense
This material is 100% pure and is also made up of all the natural ingredients that are used in aromatherapy for the relaxation, meditation and also releasing stress. The frankincense has been used as an important element for burning, uplifting, cantering and also increasing the purity of the air. This is one of the best scenes that is used to build a space for the meditation. 

Ø  Cinnamon

This allows balancing the emotions. This component has been known to be one of the best ones to increase the feeling of sanctity and a loss of sexual arousal in men.The similar objective is fulfilled by jasmine in women.
There are also some others like the Patchouli that is used for the purpose of lifting the spirits and balancing the emotions.The sweet scent of the Amber helps in sensual arousal and also sometimes elevates the spirituality. The cedar is used to drive away the negative emotions and is also a medium to make the atmosphere sacred before the rituals.

This is, in fact, a totally different kind of incense. A candle in addition to the diffuser can be an important one if one wants to avoid the smokes. The essential oils are a good source of the aromatherapy that has powerful health benefits. The frankincense has been proved to be the best one for healing wounds and also hormonal issues in females. The molecules of the frankincense have been scientifically proved to support the inflammatory responses and also support the systems like the immune, the nervous and also the cardiovascular system. The immune system is boosted by the cytokine production, the increased number of immunoglobulin portions and also the slower sensitivity. They also help in fighting against pains and some of the disorders like arthritis and also asthma.
Not only have the frankincense oils, the lavender essential oils also had huge benefits. They have antibacterial properties that help in cleaning. The complexion of eths skin can e assisted by balancing the ever-increasing sebum content.theanti-fungal remedies are also an added importance. They have huge health benefits like the calming down of nerves, clearing the mind, alleviating the pains and also promote the respiration. The essential oils are also responsible for the purpose of improving the digestion, soothing the sunburns and moistening the dried eye.

With so many beautiful effects of the incense, one can never say a “no” to the benefits of the incense. But at the same time, it is important to note that one needs to keep a proper ventilation system in the rooms in order to avoid the accumulation of the carbon dioxide gas. When some of the tips are taken, they can be used as a perfect solution to get plenty of benefits.

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