America on a Budget, Tips for First Timers

Dreaming of visiting America and creating some unforgettable memories? Most of the time, in the end, we choose to face the truth and realize that unless you plan on spending fortune it all might stay just a dream.
But don’t despair, it doesn’t have to be this way. Simple tricks and tips will help you to visit The Dreamland without making a serious dent in your budget.

Why visit the United States in the first place?
Diversity is the right word when it comes to describing the United States of America. You can see everything from extraordinary, breath-taking nature like the Grand Canyon, to the iconic skyline with sky-high skyscrapers of Manhattan. You can never run out of places and attractions to visit even if you could spend a lifetime traveling in the United States. Truly epic land and impressive beauty shattered across nearly 10 million square kilometers surface area. You can choose to cruise the magnificent Pacific Coast in California, listen to live jazz music in New Orleans, gaze in the miraculous wonder of Niagara Falls or take a hike through the Black Hills of South Dakota.
You`ll never run out of adventures to take, amazing sights to see and attractions to visit. Planning and choosing specifically what to visit could become challenge ones you realize that you want to see it all!

What kind of Visa do you need prior to going to the USA?
There are two ways for a foreign citizen to enter the United States for business or tourism. One of them is under the Visa Waiver Program and the other is with a B-1 Business Visa or B-2 Tourist Visa.

·      The Visa Waiver Program
With this program, the U.S. government makes it possible for nationals and citizens from 37 different countries to enter the United States either for business or traveling and stay for 90 days only without the need to have a visa. This program can be really helpful in making available traveling to the United States on short notice. The thing is, only 37 countries are Visa Waiver Countries, and only their citizens are eligible to apply.
The only thing you need to do is apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) in order to determine the eligibility to travel to the USA under this program.
·      About the B-2 Tourist Visa
If we leave aside the 37 Visa Waiver Countries, all of the other people from around the world must apply for a visa months prior to entering the United States. You can choose between B-1 Business Visa and B-2 Tourist Visa. Over the recent years, the visa application process has become more complicated and the number of needed documents has steadily increased. Among the number of documents and requirements, you will have to meet the U.S. consulate or embassy and have a one-on-one interview too. Proving that you have strong ties to your home is a must, for example, house on your name, secure job etc.

There are three top things you must carefully take care off when it comes to staying within your budget: your flight ticket, your accommodation and transportation from one place to another.

How to book the cheapest flight to the USA?

Getting an affordable plane ticket can be only one of the many crucial ways to save up money and it can be accomplished by following few simple tricks.
·       Always browse for flights in incognito mode.
Always keep your searches top secret nevertheless of the browser you are using. You are not crazy and no, it hasn’t happened only to you, the price of the ticket to change rapidly after you have repeatedly searched for the same one.
·       Choose some budget airlines
They have significantly cheaper tickets when compared to other airlines, no comfort included in the price but you are not traveling for the food or the service on the plane either way.
·       Do some “mix and match”
No need to always buy a direct flight to your destination. Do some research and find a town from which you can take a cheaper flight to your final destination.

Choosing budget-friendly accommodation
Another thing among the biggest fixed costs in the United States, besides the plane ticket, is the accommodation itself. Lowering it will lead to reducing your trip`s overall expenses.
·       Couchsurfing
This truly one-of-a-kind service represents an adventure of its own. With the help of an application, you can arrange to stay with some locals for absolutely zero dollars.
·       Airbnb
If you are okay not completely okay with sharing space with a stranger that this is the solution for you. You can rent a cozy apartment to match your needs for an affordable price.
·       Cheap hostels
Hostels are usually overpriced and you should avoid them if you are on a tight budget.
·       Camping is always a good idea for the ultimate adventurers.

Getting around from one city to another
·       Regional buses
Probably one of the most affordable and best way to get around is by using regional buses. Booking in advance will get the prices even lower.
·       Renting a car
If you want to have some privacy and comfort after all with being dependent on somebody else, you can always rent a car. Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle will help you save a lot of money in the long-run.
·       Flying
Although it is widely known that flying is almost always pricey, with detailed planning it can be a cheap way to get around some of the most popular regions in the United States.

Things you must visit in the United States

United States bucket list-things you must cross off
Niagara Falls- will leave you speechless and wow you with its size and grandeur.
Golden Gate Bridge - a simple yet iconic engineering marvel
Central Park-an unexpected wilderness into the Big Apple
Getting lost in NYC- or more “finding yourself” in the city that never sleeps, an overwhelming colorful metropolis, a conglomerate of humans from all over the world
The Grand Canyon- a spectacular natural wonder well-known around the world
The Vegas Strip- in the massive casinos in the Sin City you will create memories that you will cherish for years to come.
Statue of Liberty- it is one of the most-visited attractions, no trip can be complete without giving a look to this gigantic statue

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