Top 8 Work From Home ideas for Women in India

The days are gone, when the men go for earning women stays at home. In today’s world, it is very essential for everyone to work high inflation era. There are some women who already work before marriage, but after marriage, many do not get support to work outside. However, nowadays due to technology women can work from home without going to the office. Today there are many options for work from home are available (both in online and offline) which can be managed from the home by a housewife. You just need to select the proper job for you depending on your own time.

 It's not only the matter of earning but also it's a matter of self-dependence. Isn't it?

1.    Influencer marketing 
This is probably the best and easiest way of making money from social media. If you are a person who is having a strong presence on the social media, then there is a huge opportunity for you to make money online with social media. The social hook is one of the leading influencer marketing platforms to make money with social media. In The Social hook, there are various articles or ads available on various niches, like gardening, beauty, healthcare, travel, entertainment, etc. you just need to share their link to your friends and family members. You will make money when someone clicks your link, that’s it. That’s why The Social Hook is the best platform to make money online in India.  

2.     Sale your Handmade Products Online:
 Handmade products like- Jewelry, Crafts & Clothing are in genuinely great on need. If you have the talent and skills, then you can earn thousands of dollars by selling your handmade products online. To sell online, you don’t need any shop or problem to ship, you can list your craft or product on Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay, and they will ship your product on your behalf too. 
You can sell them on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. 

3.    Sell Homemade Foods Online
 It’s one of the most simple and sincere online earning opportunity to the common homemakers. Today, people are very conscious about their health, so they prefer to eat homemade and pure foods instead of spicy and junk hotel foods. Therefore, various online food delivery portals such as have become popular within a very few time. There are a number of housewives out there making more than Rs- 20,000 to 30,000 per month from just preparing good food and list it to such kind of website. In Watscooking you will get a notification you’re mobile SMS when someone is purchasing your product. 

4.    Sell eBook Online
If you have good skill of writing, then write eBooks on stories, traditional recipes, your experience or anything in which you are an expert and sell it online. Yes, you may find competition there, as there are already thousands of books on Stories, traditional recipes, autobiography, etc, but a belief in yourself with great content one can beat any competition. One can also provide quality video DVD along with your eBook if you are writing on Yoga, health, food recipe, etc.
You can sell your eBooks on Amazon. They will only charge a minimum commission for publishing your book on their platform.

5.    Write Kitchen Products Reviews
If you want to earn serious money online, then, blogging is one of the ways to earn money online. You can start your personal blog with either Word Press or blogger. If you are an expert on kitchen products, then write kitchen product reviews. In the blog you can earn with 2 methods, one is registered yourself with Google Ad sense and earn through an affiliate link. Link your articles with your affiliate links, and drive your readers to the merchant site. If someone purchases from your affiliate link, then you will get a commission from it. Many famous companies offer affiliate programs to bloggers.

6.   Online Job
 There are various types of online job available. If you have some particular skills like writing, translation, software development, typing, app developing, social media marketing, accounting, etc. Then you can join online freelancer job platforms like Upwork, freelancer, fivver, etc. You just need to make an account and bid for the job suitable for your skill.

7.   Online tutor 
Many women who are expert in particular subject give tuitions to the children. Udemy is the platform, where you can register yourself as a teacher and earn online from your home. What you need is to register yourself on this site and make the profile of your expertise. On the other hand, one can also give tuition offline, like traditional way.

8.   Sell T-shirts online

This job is for those housewives, who are expert in designing, as well as an expert in Photoshop software. There are a number of sites, where you just need to design the T-shirt online if a customer gives an order, then that company will manufacture the T-shirt as per your design and ship it to the customer's house. Tee spring is a website, where you can design your t-shirt and sell it to the world.

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