5 Things Pregnant Women Should Do To Take Care of Themselves and Their Unborn Child

Pregnancy is a very delicate thing and it needs strict attention to ensure that the mother and the unborn baby are safe. Prenatal care, as it is commonly known, is the act of living a healthy lifestyle throughout the period of pregnancy. It encompasses a lot of things and pregnant moms need to adhere to such to at least guarantee a safe delivery. Below are a few essential tips that can help you and your unborn child.

1. No Alcohol and Wine Drinking

The negative effects of alcohol and wine on a pregnancy have been well documented in several studies. Studies have shown a direct link between wine and pregnancy defects. It is for this reason that doctors discourage pregnant moms from engaging in drinking to keep the unborn baby healthy. Pregnant moms who indulge in alcohol drinking usually give birth to babies who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The babies may also suffer from physical birth defects, low weight, low brain development and congenital defects among others. In the worst case scenario, the moms can deliver a stillbirth child.

2. Prioritize on Healthy Diet

Doctors emphasize healthy and balanced diet for pregnant moms during and after giving birth. The unborn babies usually get nutrients from the mother through the umbilical cord. So, what the mother ingests is what the unborn baby will also get. That is why there is great emphasis on a healthy diet to ensure that the unborn baby gets proper nutrients for proper development. Consume lots of fruits and fresh vegetables. Consume lots of water to keep yourself hydrated all through. Above all take folic acid as it is very crucial for the development of the baby's neural tube and the formation of new red blood cells.

3. Engage in Regular Exercises

Staying active throughout your pregnancy will benefit you a great deal. It is advisable for you to engage in exercises on a regular basis to stay fit and active. Carrying the pregnancy can be very tiresome, so being lazy is not an option. With regular exercises, you will be able to deal with pregnancy-related issues like general body tiredness, insomnia, muscle pains, excessive weight gain and moods management. Try swimming, evening strolls or even yoga.

4. Regular Prenatal Checkups

During pregnancy, anything can happen and this requires pregnant moms to be extra alert for anything unusual. This can be very challenging for a first-time mother so if you are one be very vigilant. Regular hospital visits throughout the pregnancy period will guarantee the safety of your unborn child. During such visits, you will be able to identify any kind of complication in your pregnancy. Never assume anything. Should you feel anything unusual, plan to make an immediate visit to the nearby medical centre. Be curious and try to seek clarification on anything that is not well understood. Follow your doctor’s advice strictly. Have your doctor’s number with you at all times in case of an emergency.

5. Prioritize on Safety

Pregnancy can go wrong at any time and so you need to ensure that you and your unborn baby are safe. Avoid walking in dark alleys to avoid falling. Try to always walk slowly and wear shoes with flat soles. Around the house ensure that you create for yourself ample space for walking. This is to prevent you from tripping and falling. Do not engage in high-risk activities or handling of chemicals. Also, do not drive but allow to be driven to ensure you are safe. That way you and your unborn child are safe.

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