What Type of Underwear to Wear After Delivery? (#3 Is The Most Popular Now)

It’s important to be well prepared for anything and everything that comes your way. You dealt with all the struggles of pregnancy. Now it’s time to cope with the post-childbirth stage. So let’s cover one very urgent aspect here. What type of panties to wear after delivery? What kind of underwear should I wear after birth?

If that’s your concern, allow me to iron it out!

But First, Read This Before I Get To That!

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So you want to know what is the best postpartum underwear, right? But, to begin with, why wear this kind of underwear in the first place? Why not normal panties?
If these thoughts are in your mind, then you don’t know a lot about postpartum underwear. Regular panties don’t provide full coverage, at least not all of them. They might not have the ability to protect your sore and tender vaginal area. Irrespective of whether you had a C-section or normal delivery!
In both cases, it’s crucial to protect the vaginal and abdominal muscles. Due to postpartum bleeding! So, at such times, putting on special underwear helps in dealing with this bleeding.
Also, the right kind of panties offers proper body support. And this paves the way for the much-needed comfort. I mean you are going to take a while to go back to your pre-pregnancy shape, aren’t you? So, in the meantime, you cannot wear tight underwear. Instead, a fabric that’s conformable and breathable is more helpful.
The thing about postpartum underwear is that it’s constructed using a unique blend. One that allows optimal cushioning and proper ventilation! The result of which is body-conforming properties and no irritation or discomfort.
Also, with postpartum underwear, you’re free to wear all types of clothing. So there are no clothing restrictions post-childbirth. And that’s great news, isn’t it?

What Type of Underwear to Wear After Delivery?

You cannot dismiss the fact that there are plenty of options to choose from. In terms of fit and style! Each design comes with its own pros and cons. And more often than not, you tend to overlook the latter if the former is quite impressive.
Either way, here are the three most common types of underwear to choose after the baby is born.

#1 Compression Underwear

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Postpartum compression underwear is the best underwear for after delivery. And why is that? It’s because the panty yields a much stronger impression over your body. The underwear is more durable, supportive, and firmer. In comparison to other postpartum or regular undies!
Postpartum compression underwear helps in speeding up recovery. Plus, it strengthens the abdominal region. So before you shrug off the idea of wearing this type of underwear, try one on if possible.

#2 Full Briefs

It’s undeniable that full briefs feature a high waistline. Higher than normal! And this kind of structure is perfect for cesarean birth. The underwear protects your womb post-delivery. In fact, it’s the most suitable during pregnancy as well.
The elastic band and complete coverage in the back are ideal for accommodating postpartum pads. So there are no complaints regarding comfort and fit.
#3 Disposable Mesh Underwear
Are disposable mesh panties 100 percent effective? Yes, that and also chemical-free. Otherwise, why would Chrissy Teigen be wearing them!
What’s the only way to describe disposable underwear? It’s SINGLE-USE.
Where to find them? They’re easily available at hospitals, medical stores, and online of course.
Disposable mesh underwear is usually lightweight. Slipping on and removing it are quite easy tasks.
The chances of your normal clothing fitting you post-childbirth are very doubtful. And the same applies to your regular panties. When your belly increases in size and shape, the hips and waist demand special underwear. One that is intrinsically designed to adapt to your growing body!
In that case, postpartum underwear delivers this kind of additional support. Both during pregnancy and thereafter!
Lastly, How Many Postpartum Underwears to Buy?
There’s no right answer to this question. And it’s because the answer entirely depends on a personal factor. That is, how often do you wash your underwear? Post-delivery, I’m guessing not much. Cause you have other things to tend to. Am I right?
So if you do laundry twice every week, you’re all set with three pairs of postpartum underwear. Double that if you wash your clothes just once per week.

I know that laundry might be the least of your worries. Either way, it’s never a bad idea to stock up. Fresh underwear always comes in handy, doesn’t it?
So what type of underwear to wear after delivery? You can try compression or disposable mesh postpartum underwear. Or the regular full briefs! Choose any style depending on your personal preferences.
Just keep in mind that size and material are important factors. For the latter, choose a breathable fabric like cotton. And as for the former, make sure the underwear isn’t uncomfortably tight. Now whether it should go over or under the bump is entirely your call.
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