5 Mistakes That We Must Be Aware When Planning To Move

Watching out for the most common moving mistakes will have a long way to go to achieve a successful moving day. While there are so many things you need to accomplish throughout the process, it’s highly possible to make little mistakes that can affect your move. If you’re looking for a relocation that goes off without a problem, here are the five errors you should be aware of from the very beginning.

1.         Procrastinating on your moving tasks.

Having a long list of moving tasks can be an overwhelming experience. Most of the time, you’ll not know where to start because everything seems to require adequate attention. That said, you’ll end up with the common mistake of procrastinating until the very last minute. The more you delay the moving process, the more stressful your relocation will be.

If you don’t want to add more stress and anxiety to the process, it’ll help if you start creating a moving checklist. This checklist will help you plan and prepare your tasks efficiently. You’ll not only stay on top of your moving responsibilities, but you’ll also keep everything organized.

2.         Not organizing your home before the moving day.

Packing early can be a good start, but overpacking is a moving mistake that you should always be aware of. Your failure to consolidate everything before the big day is undoubtedly harmful on your overall moving experience. That’s because it gives additional task when packing and unpacking and it also increases the total costs of your relocation.

Thus, if you want to save more money and make your organization efforts go smoothly, consider the idea of downsizing. Before you pack, go through around your former house and start sorting things out by making separate piles for items. Determine which items can be donated, junk, or sold. If you have items for donation, look for a local charity nearby.

3.         Not getting help from an experienced moving company.

Whether you’re moving locally or across the country, hiring the best planner moving company is a must. This is especially true if you don’t know how to move for the first time. However, it’s a common moving mistake to delay the search for movers and find yourself unsupported by professional help during the moving day. With all the things that need to be done ahead of time, seeking assistance from professionals can be a perfect option.

If you want to avoid too much stress while moving, it’s important to find a reputable moving company that can accommodate your needs. In cases like these, start asking the right questions and figure out if the prospective company is a good match. Find time to look at their certifications signifying their high-quality services and other relevant information that will make hiring decision much easier.

4.         Failure to shop around for moving insurance.

Talking about safety and security when moving, it’s essential to get familiar with how moving insurance works. For instance, moving insurance is a part of the moving process that you should always take seriously. That’s because it’s something that protects all your stuff while they’re in transit. However, not shopping around for moving insurance is a common mistake that you should watch out for.

To make sure all your belongings are fully protected, see to it that you’ve purchased the right insurance for your move. After checking your homeowner’s insurance policy, you should also make the real effort to know your moving company’s insurance policies. While looking at it, you’ll get to learn about the necessary released value protection, separate liability insurance, and full-value protection.

5.         Not labeling your moving boxes.

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to open each of the boxes to look for your toothbrush. Not coming up with a strategic planning plan including the proper labeling of boxes can be a common mistake when moving.

If you want to free yourself from any frustrations when unpacking, create a plan instead. Before putting all your boxes into the moving truck, put a label to designate what type of items are inside. By doing it, you don’t have to open every box just to look for your essentials.


Keeping an organized moving process will require thorough planning, hard work, patience, and a few moving. Even if the relocation itself can be a tedious endeavor to take, you can still make it a big success by avoiding these five common mistakes. So, when you’re moving from or within New York City, hiring Movers NYC will be your first step to abstain yourself in dealing with some issues along the way.

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