4 Ways to Help Children with Creative Writing

Kids are known to have a creative imagination, which makes them great storytellers. If you want your children to grow up loving reading and writing, then you should encourage and teach them ways on how to do so. If they naturally love writing, then things would be much easier for you. All you need is to help them write their own storybook online for free.

Help Them Use Their Senses

Children have naturally strong senses, so let them make full use of those. Ask them to describe their surroundings using their sense of touch, taste, smell, and sight. Tell them to think as if they are describing it to an audience from outer space, or people who definitely have no idea what our surroundings look like.
Give them a specific topic and ask them to describe what they have in mind. For example, you can ask them to describe a certain type of animal or how a specific person looks like.

Use Familiarity

Children often would not know how to start their stories, which can be a huge writing block. Take them somewhere that is familiar to them. For example, you can take them to a park where they usually play or take walks. You can also give them their favorite toy and ask them to create a story behind it.
Giving them a backstory and helping them create stories and plots from familiar items and places will greatly help them build them their very own stories.

Let Them Write What They Want

Do not force your child to write about something they are not interested in. Instead, ask them to write about whatever they want. Giving them the freedom to do so will encourage them to read and write, which is definitely what you want. This will also create a positive experience for them, as they will associate writing with things they love the most.
Ask them to write about their favorite hobbies, toys, animals, or people. The plot does not have to be perfect — as long as they are able to write and put their imagination into words, that is already a good start.

Encourage Them to Read 

Reading is the first step to getting them interested in writing. Make them read books with different genres so their imagination would expand. These include science, fiction, language, comedy, and of course, children's books with moral lessons.

Buy them lots of books instead of toys that they would not get a lot of use from. This does not mean you should not buy them toys at all, though. Just find a good balance. Reading is a great alternative, especially if you want to minimize your kid's screentime. Aside from expanding their vocabulary, they also would be exposed to different plots and storylines.
Help them expand their imagination and see their wildest dreams translate into words. Writing is a good hobby for kids, as well as reading. Be patient with them, as kids tend to lose their focus easily. Good luck and may your kid enjoy reading and writing!

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