Quick Tips to Plan a Bar Mitzvah Party

When your child becomes a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, it’s a proud moment, and you have to share it with your friends and family. Following, we are giving you some important tips that will help you plan a great party to have fun with your friends and celebrate your child’s progress.

Select the Date

Choosing the date of Your Child’s Bat Mitzvah should be your priority. You can assign the date three years beforehand. It depends on the size of the congregation. Most people choose the 13th birthday of their child. You need to coordinate with the authority and management to pick a date that suits you best.

Book the Venue

There are a lot of excellent bar mitzvah venues in Melbourne. So before you choose the location for this evening, you better choose whether you will conduct the event in the afternoon or evening. If you are doing it in the evening, then you have to mind a few things. Following we are putting together a list of things you should mind when you are planning your Bar Mitzvah:
Is the party going to be held at synagogue or some other area?
Will you hold the event only for kids or are there going to be people of mixed ages
Will the food be kosher or non-kosher?
Are you going the extra mile for location and spend some money on decoration or not?
Will you have a cocktail hour at First? If yes then you will have to arrange for a facility for drinks beside the main menu

Food and Drinks

If you are going to host a cocktail party before the main meal then you better mind the following
Fruit and cheese 
Carving station with corned beef, roasted beef and roasted turkey
If you want a cold fish buffet, then you better stick with whitefish and smoked salmon
If you are going to target this event for kids, then you need to order pizza, chicken fingers or something else
Are you going to have a separate menu for kids? It sounds fun, and it's less expensive than some alternatives. 

Pick a Theme

You can’t have a party if you don’t have a theme. Picking a theme makes it easy to plan the whole thing. This should reflect your kid’s interest. Following we are naming some possibilities for you
Tropical Luau
Any Specific Movie
The theme can be tied to decorations, invitations, and other things.

The Entertainment

You need entertainment for the big event. Depending on your settings and audience, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Without wasting time, we will get to the point:
Hire a band instead of a DJ
Casino Games for Kids during Cocktail hours for kids
Dance Party Games and Arts to entertain the younger audience 
Photo station, it will entertain people of every age group
Gaming systems with projection screens for some multiplayer fun 
TV screen for live video feed for everyone in the room 

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