20+ Simple Mehndi Designs For This Festive Season

Mehndi has a very special place in our heart because of its staining properties and auspicious nature. A simple mehndi design can be achieved by using a cone that can be held like a pen to create designs and also you can prepare Mehndi by drying out leaves of the henna plant and make a powder, then mixed with water to make a firm paste. Then it is ready to apply on the hands and feet.

As the festival day comes closer, one of the many first things that one searches for is beautiful and simple mehndi designs, women are all excited about the festival. Girls and women of all ages love to apply mehndi on their hands and feet.

There are lots of Mehandi designs, most popular ones are Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, bridal mehndi, Pakistani mehndi patterns, Indo-Arabic mehndi designs, Rajasthani mehndi designs, easy backhand mehndi designs, simple and easy mehndi pattern.

Before we proceed further, Let’s have a look at some of the tips for Mehandi lovers to darken the color of henna which doubles your joys during festivals.

  1. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly before you sit down to apply Mehandi.
  2. Apply lemon sugar mixture for a couple of times.
  3. It is suggested to allow the henna to dry naturally.
  4. Keep the Mehandi on your hands for a long time (as long as you can).
  5. Run your hands over the smoke of cloves.
  6. Once Mehandi dried naturally gently rub your hands together until all the Mehendi are removed. Don’t wash your hands with soapy water which leads fade in color.
  7. You can also apply tiger balms or Vicks or oil to your hands to get a dark color.

Hope you follow these tips so that your mehndi comes out deep and rich.

Let’s have a look at some of the easy to replicate simple mehndi designs for celebrations. These latest designs will not only look fabulous on your hands, but everyone keeps watching those fantastic designs.

1. Union of Floral-Heart

2. Dainty Henna Pattern

3. Astonishing Mehndi pattern

4. Incredible Mehndi pattern

5. Bunch of small flower Mehndi design

6. Simple and easy Design for kids

7. Easy Mehandi patterns on the middle of the palm and the Fingers

8. Arabic style Mehandi Design

9. Large Rose pattern on the front hand

10. Fabulous Mehandi Pattern

11. Elegant feet pattern design

Hope you like it!

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