10 Essential Checklist While Planning A Road Trip With Dog

As we know dogs are the best friend of humans and don’t have any words to explain their unconditional love towards his owner. So if you are planning for a trip then dogs will be a perfect companion for your journey.

Alright, while traveling with your pup then some of the key points you need to be taken care of to ensure that he/she is comfortable and happy while on a road trip with dog.

Friends, here we are providing you the 10 essential checklist which needs to keep in mind while planning a road trip with dog and also will be helpful for you to pack for your trip.

1.    Carry enough Water

Don't forget to carry water and water bowls while traveling with your best dog friend as it helps to hydrate the body.  It is advisable to carry filtered water to avoid any stomach upset problems

If your dog is lazy to drink adequate water, then you can carry ice cubes as it is easier for them to consume than a large amount of water.

2.    Dog’s Food.

Generally, Healthy dog chews food so ensure that you have taken enough food and snacks for the entire trip to keep energetic. It is recommended to continue their regular diet to maintain their overall health. You can check some of the dog chews here.

3.    Carry plenty of Poop bags.

During last-minute packing, we will forget to carry poop bags. So better you place in trunk initially whenever you plan for a trip.

4.    Your dog's favorite blanket and Bed.

Blanket and Bed are the two essentials to carry when you are on a trip just to create a home environment for them. They will be more comfortable with their favorite blanket and bed.

If in case your destination is the more chilled place then you can bring their favorite sweater as well just to make sure they are calm and relaxed.

5.    Vaccination Records and Medicines.

Vaccination records are advisable to carry whenever you plan for a long trip or thousands of miles from home. Just in case if you board your pup in any new kennel then these records are required.
Suppose if the weather is unfit for the dog's then there will be a chance that your dog's health may get affected. So as a precautionary step it's good to carry the medicines.

6.    First Aid Kit

Keep first aid kit in handy this will help you if your dog is hurt during the journey.  Ensure you have gauze bandages, Antiseptic wipes, styptic powder, eyewash, and scissors in your kit.

7.    Favorite Toys

The checklist will be incomplete without toys. Usually, dogs will not sit quietly that too in the backseat and moreover, healthy dog chews toys for a time pass. So bring their favorite chew toy while traveling to entertain and boost their energy.

8.    Prepare to reward.

Few dogs act out when they are in a new location. To maintain their good behavior reward them with some delicious treats to encourage them.

9.    Don't forget to carry a leash and belt.

You can consider this one as a safety measure. While traveling we may come across rest stop breaks. So it is always good to keep your dog's on a leash to avoid future problems.

10.    A camera

Instead of mobile phones, you can use the cameras to capture the best moments of your dog.

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