5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Lawn During Drought Season

Heatwaves can mess up a lot of things at home. In extreme cases, such as in California or in Australia, it can cause wildfires. When things get milder, you get the fever-pitch-like heat enveloping you, your family, pets, and plants all over. Either way, increasing your water intake in such times helps prevent any conditions you might get during heat waves. But for your lawn, it's a different case.
Like any living thing, plants, trees, and turfgrass all need constant care. But if you live in an area where the supply of water is staggeringly low, you might want to reconsider. To help you out, here are some ways you can freshen up your lawn during the drought season.

Consider Changing Plants

California fan palm is the only palm tree indigenous to California—and when you see it, it's not the one you see along Beverly Hills. All the other towering palm trees are ornamental ones, brought in to bring some aesthetically pleasing view in the Golden State. They're also what's adding to the state's water crises. Palm trees absorb 1,000 liters of water per day.
That said, you should consider getting plants that are native to your area. If you're in California, hire a tree removal service in Fresno and replace your palm trees with California natives. Or use turfgrass that indigenously grows in the area. Having a native lawn ensures that every plant in your lawn are low maintenance because they can thrive in your area's climate and weather patterns.

Use Your Landscape Wisely

Creatively utilizing landscaping ideas lets you manage your lawn easier. For one, you can improve your lawn's irrigation methods to use less water all over your home. You can also use such techniques to add strategically placed shades or add plant beds for drought-resistant plants and vegetation. Or why not try to do some hardscaping? Add some rocks and pebbles to beautify your lawn without depending too much on greeneries. If things get drastic, try to downsize your lawn to a more manageable size instead.
Schedule Your Lawn's Watering Time
Drought times call for desperate measures. Typically, the government would want to limit water spending up to a minimum. While you can train your lawn to thrive during such trying times, you can still continue to water them; it just depends on what time you should. You should water your lawn during the break of dawn, around 3:00 AM to 6:00 AM. This way, your lawn can be hydrated at a reduced evaporation rate.

Mow Your Grass Carefully

When you mow your lawn, make sure that you keep the grass height up around 3 to 4 inches to create a deeper root system. This keeps your lawn well-hydrated because it can pull more water from the soil. Not only that, if your grass is taller, it shades your soil, keeping it cooler during the dry, hot times. Longer grass will help your lawn survive during drought.

Accept the Weather Condition

As much as you want your lawn to be green and hydrated all the time, drought season means there's less water to be had. If your lawn grass is resilient, the worst it can get is brown, but not wilted. Once the heat wave is over, you can go back to your regularly scheduled programming of watering your green lawn.
When in drought, having a more resilient lawn allows for a beautiful lawn without the hassles of the water upkeep. Try to utilize these techniques so you can be ready for the next heatwave.

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