10 Amazing Ways to Make Your Home the Coziest Place in the World

What is the main secret of a cozy home? Is this achieved by an ideal layout, comfortable furniture, or a beautiful view from the window? Perhaps everything is important here. Details and decorative elements can significantly transform the space. However, the best part is that you can make most of these things yourself. In this article, we gathered 10 amazing ways to make your home the coziest place in the world.

1. Arrange books on the shelves

We usually put books tightly together on the shelves, especially if we have a lot of them. However, when they stand in a different order (horizontally and vertically or at an angle) this makes the interior voluminous and adds coziness. You can put your books in a few ways:

1. By color

One shelf may be red, the other is blue, and the third is green. Take a closer look at the works of interior stylists, this is one of their secret tricks.

2. By size

Lay the books horizontally, the largest at the bottom, then put smaller books and the thinnest group on the top.

3. By style

Remove paperback editions. Inexpensive thin books and all kinds of booklets in plain sight create a feeling of the trashy cabinet. There is no need to throw them away, just put all these books in a beautiful box.

2. Serve the kitchen table

Even if you are not waiting for guests and are not going to have dinner, don’t leave the kitchen table empty. Served it with table napkins, vases with flowers, fruit bowls, and plates with cookies or sweets. This trick will make your kitchen cozy. Get rid of plastic products, including tablecloths and napkins. Replace them with natural fabrics such as linen and cotton.

3. Put pillows and plaids on the bed

For the past few seasons, layering is a trend. Don’t leave the furniture empty. Put several pillows of different sizes on the bed and lay a plaid. Pay special attention to the relaxation area like sofa and armchairs. Arrange your cozy corner in your favorite place, add a blanket and pillows in color. You can also find a portable table for tea and coffee. Reading a book with a mug of hot cocoa or tea will be much more comfortable in such an environment.

4. Arrange the plants

Don’t forget about green plants. Try to fill the house with flowers because they help create comfort and are quite inexpensive. For a big room, it is better to pick up a large spreading plant or even a bush. Ficus, monstera, palm or strelitzia will perfectly fit.

Cacti and succulents should not be set individually, they look great in a group. If the plant is not very pretty (a bare trunk or rare leaves), you can use an intricate or unusual flower pot for it. Moreover, dried flowers are also a fashionable technique in the interior design.

5. Don’t forget about light

Light also plays an important role and helps create coziness. It would be better to make several light schemes in each room. For example, the general light in the living room, the floor lamp near the reading armchair, and the reading lamp by the sofa.

Moreover, you can use LED lights to make any room cozy. Hang the retro-style light bulbs around the edge of the mirror or near the curtains. It will provide the room with warm light and a special atmosphere.

6. Use wicker baskets

It is quite convenient to keep blankets and magazines in wicker baskets. Such things really look warm and cozy. In addition, they are not expensive and definitely will not hurt your budget. You can also use a wicker box with a lid as an alternative to the basket.

7. Use candles

If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in the house, buy candles. It is better to buy a few candles of different sizes in the same style. Burgundy, mustard, and dirty pink-colored candles create a special look. White candles can be too dull in the bright interior. In addition, you can pick up different candlesticks for candles and create a collection.

8. Hang new curtains on the windows

Empty windows have recently gained significant popularity. However, windows that are decorated with beautiful curtains look much more comfortable. Choose simple materials like cotton, linen, or light flowing tulle. 
However, roll-curtains and Roman curtains are also suitable because they can create a feeling of security. Installing new important features to your house like curtains can make a huge difference. That's also why door repairs in Mount Eliza are so popular.

9. Keep your house clean

Nothing can spoil living space so much as a mess. It is the main enemy of the cozy interior. Keep everything in order and let each thing have its own place. It is also important to regularly wipe off the dust and do a wet cleaning.

However, you shouldn’t create an absolutely sterile environment. For example, a blanket or pillows casually thrown over the back of a sofa can ensure your guests that the room is inhabited.

10. Get rid of small decor

A lot of tiny figurines, vases and other decor don’t have a place on the shelves in your apartment. Small things don’t create color spots and volume. Otherwise, they can only clutter up the space. So you can also throw them away without regret. Get rid of small decor, but don’t try to fill the empty space with other things. Everything in your apartment should talk about you, about your hobbies and character.

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