7 Things You Need To Know About Sustainable Fashion

Are you one of those people that were woken up by the 2015 documentary The True Cost? Maybe you have been interested in self-sustainability for years now. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that Western consumers are becoming more and more aware of the horrifying impact that the fashion industry is having on the environment. In fact, it is everywhere these days, and that is likely why you’ve landed on this article in the first place.


Just the production of one cheap t-shirt could result in the death of a garment worker, a tainted river, or the release of CO2 emissions. Couple this with the millions and millions of cheap t-shirts that get made each year, and it only makes for a truly frightening scenario. This is why it is pertinent to start doing what you can to reduce your carbon footprint in the fashion industry. And, that starts with being the most informed possible. Here are some things you need to know about sustainable fashion.

Fair To Workers As Well


If you’re aware of the impact that fashion is having on the environment, then you’re likely aware of how clothing workers are mistreated. This is especially true in third-world countries where sweatshops are prevalent. This is just another area where sustainable fashion can help out. Fairtrade and ethically produced clothing take Eco-fashion further by ensuring all workers involved in the production process are treated fairly just justly.


It’ll Start Trends


The is such a thing as trends in the fashion industry. This is how designers and brands are made. How many times have you seen a designer shirt, purse, or jeans in the store and just wanted them because of the name? You probably knew they were quality but didn’t so as much care about the look or design. You just wanted the item because it was trending. Well, that’s just what the fashion industry does, and it could build a sustainable fashion trend as well.


Save On Water Use


Most people don’t really realize the impact that the fashion industry is having on the environment. They know it is bad for the environment, but they just don’t realize all the departments where it is hurting the environment. From landfills to water consumption, the fashion industry is having a major impact on the environment. That’s right, sustainable clothing can now cut down on water consumption because there are specific pieces of sustainable clothing designed to require less washing cycles.


Sustainable Clothing Can Be Chic


When most people think about sustainable clothing, they think about ruffly hemp or plain polyester. While this might have been what fashion sustainability was in the past, that is no longer the case today. There is no denying that the sustainable fashion of the past was anything but desirable, but that is no longer the case. The industry has been able to make great strides with all the technology available today. In fact, there are now more viable sustainable clothing available than ever before. TENCEL™ lyocell fibers are produced by natural raw material wood and they are actually capable of absorbing dyes and other colors more vividly than non-sustaining clothing materials, making them more vivid.


Quality Reduces Waste


Sustainable brands focus on quality, using materials and finishes that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t something that can be said about other fashion brands. In fact, some brands just design clothes with the aim to get you to buy more. When you choose sustainable brands that provide quality, you can reduce your waste as well as the amount of clothing that you buy (also saving you money).


Fashion Sustainability Can Be Fun And Exciting


Most people don’t get excited about sustainable fashion because they tend to think of baggy, ill-fitting clothes. This might have been what sustainable fashion once was, but that is no longer the case. People from all around the world have become more and more aware of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. And, thus, they can come up with more exciting and creative ways for people to be sustainably fashionable. That’s right, you can now take advantage of what is known as closet swapping and renting. Instead of buying new clothes, you can swap clothes with someone or rent their closet for a limited time. This is a real thing and it’ll provide you access to a whole new wardrobe of options.


More Recycled Material Implemented


Did you know that in 2015 only 3% of the clothes made were made from recycled materials? That means every new piece of clothing made in 2015 was made with 97% new materials. That’s truly shocking when you think about it. Luckily, this is no longer the case, as sustainable fashion is now placing a huge impact on utilizing recyclable materials.


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