A First Timer's Guide To The Palm Tower, Dubai

Dubai is a place to live, a dream to many and a world-renowned business hub. Not to mention, Dubai is also a party destination for party animals and offers a lot to shopaholics. Dubai is more like a shopping paradise entertaining almost everyone. The tourists love going to Dubai; for events, shopping, business meetings as well. All in All, Dubai is everything, a glittering city heading to the top of the world's tallest building. 

One of the most enchanting and relatively new attractions of Dubai is the Palm tower at Palm Jumeirah. It is more like a skyscraper with both commercial and residential spaces. The fancy part is the opening of the observatory deck; the view at the Palm is just supreme. The observatory deck opened the door for visitors on 7 April, and it is located on the 52 floors, offering an unparalleled view of the unique and beautiful Palm Jumeirah. 


Reasons to visit the view at the Palm?

Located on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower, the view is enchanting and beautiful. Moreover, it gives a world-class experience of beauty that inspires tourists to wander more in Dubai.

In addition to this, one can also celebrate the mind-blowing achievement behind the Palm Jumeirah and near the marvel shaped Palm Tree. The architectural marvel of the happening viewing point in Dubai provides a fantastic view of the Palm Jumeirah, Arabian Gulf and Dubai skyline. You can get a view of all the fantastic sights all at once. 


Highlights of the view at The Palm:

  • The Main Lounge: the main lounge of the luxurious The Palm is located on the same floor. Enjoy the happening meal and drinks from 240m above the ground. You can also enjoy your food while looking at the magnificent view. 

  • 52nd Floor: the view of The Palm is located on the 52nd floor of the luxurious and elegant The Palm tower; it gives a unique view of the iconic building of the Palm Jumeirah and the city's skyline. 

  • Adventures: the zip-line at the Palm Jumeirah is one of the major attractions of the whole view. You can fly over the Palm Jumeirah and get to observe the magnificent views. 

  • Technical Education: The view and The Palm Jumeirah is fancy; but, you can also get a tour of the whole interactive exhibition on your visit. You can learn more about the technicalities and construction of the whole infrastructure. 

  • Exclusive Events: the observation deck also serves as a private space for events. Parties, business conferences, meetings, community and corporate events; even fashion shows can also be hosted in the space. 

The Palm Tickets 

You can either directly go to the venue to get the tickets or book them online. By getting the tickets, you can visit the Palm Jumeirah's most happening and recent architectural marvel, The Palm Tower. You can also visit the most spectacular Palm tree. Moreover, the tower houses offer 5-star hotels, apartments and an infinity pool. The view of the Palm Towers offers panoramic views. Standing 240m above the ground, you can witness the striking view of the Persian Gulf's water. 

Exploring the View at the Palm Exhibits:

You can also roam around the view in the courtyard, go to the case or witness the theatrical experiences. Let's explore the six available exhibits that you can enjoy at The View.

The Reef:

Each area of the reef will have viewports. Moreover, each area displays details of the underwater environment. Not to mention, the viewports have been placed at specific heights, ensuring people of all ages can witness the enchanting view.  

The wonder of the Universe:

The table surface at the Palm Jumeirah gives an extensive view via a GIS map. You can also spin the table to zoom in on the view. The zooming in gives a more excellent and clear picture of the overall setup. Moreover, when you zoom in on the map, the pop-ups give essential pieces of information. 


The mini satellite projects all the signals on the Floor. Not to mention, the massive projection gives the actual shape of the Island. You can also watch the shaping of the Palm Jumeirah along with the audio narration. 

The foundation:

You can gain a better understanding of the geological structure of the Island. A sand compacting Island demonstrates how it works, along with the written concepts. 

Protection of the Palm Jumeirah:

A large model depicts the breakwater process, and natural water showcases and exemplifies the concept. The visitors can also control the waves as it is an interactive element. 


You can also enjoy the free-flowing sand and feel the rainbow boat in action. The real sand gives the natural sound and textural element. 

Attractions at the Palm Tower Dubai:

The Palm Tower is the home to The View, a commercial and residential complex located next to the Nakheel Mall. Moreover, the residents and visitors can enjoy direct access to the mall, clubs and other projects. Let's learn more about the top attractions:

  • It is a one of a kind 52 stories combination building. 
  • The Palm Tower is the home of two premium decks; The view and The Falcon View, a higher observatory deck. 
  • There are around 432 luxurious residences and 290 rooms of the hotels. Moreover, they also cater for dining and leisure facilities which include; restaurants, an infinity pool and viewing deck. 

The Palm Tower and The View Opening hours

 Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM 

Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM 

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