5 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

 Mattresses are an essential item present in every home. Individuals spend a large portion of their life on them. From comfort to a good night's sleep, top-quality mattresses provide everything to the person using them. Therefore, it's essential to buy a mattress that is up to the mark. 

Sadly, if one doesn't care for their mattress, it wouldn't last much longer. These days, most people do not pay attention to their mattress's condition. Lack of cleanliness and care causes wear and tear in your bed, making it unfit for use. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new piece, try to adopt some easy methods to save your mattress for a longer time. There are several ways to extend an average mattress's life span. With proper care and maintenance, your mattress can last up to 10 years.  

Use a Mattress Protector:

The simplest and easiest way to prevent mattress damage is by using protectors. Every protector available in the market is waterproof or water-resistant. Whether someone experienced an accident in bed or spilled water on it, a protector will not let the liquid affect the mattress. Even if your bedsheets are stained by juice or other drinks, the mattress won't experience any harm. 

Mass protectors save your investment for a long time. You can wash your mattress protector and reuse it several times. From fitted to encasement protectors, there are several protectors in the market. Fitted protectors are easier to get on and off and cost less. On the other hand, encasements offer protection from bed bugs and allergens. 

Accidents can occur at any hour. Therefore it's better to protect your bed rather than take any risk. Mattresses covered with protectors remain with you for a longer time. It also reduces the amount of debris in your bed, so the need for a vacuum decreases.  

Wash and Clean Your Bed Regularly:

A clean bed is better for your health and boosts the life of your mattress by many years. At least once a month, everyone should thoroughly clean their bed. It includes vacuuming every corner to remove dirt and debris from the inner layers. 

Moreover, washing sheets and blankets also keep the dust-out. Cleaning experts often recommend cleaning a mattress at least once or twice every month. It helps the mattress maintain its shape. Individuals can sprinkle baking soda on top of their bed, which will help absorb foul odors. 

Some people also disinfect their mattresses to get rid of dust mites. It is a great way to protect your family from unwanted harm. A clean bed guarantees child safety. Kids have sensitive bodies, so parents need to look over these matters. 

Frequently Rotate Your Mattress Side: 

Flipping the mattress side is a great way to save it from deterioration. Whether you have been using affordable organic mattresses or expensive spring mattresses, changing the sides is beneficial. Every night you lie in one position and it causes the mattress to soften. Once you rotate the mattress, pressure is divided evenly. Furthermore, regular rotation helps prevent depressions and sagging. 

Just like humans, it’s mandatory to give your mattresses a break as well. Perform rotation at least once every six months. People with kids and pets need to do this activity more often. Children like to jump around on their beds, leading to excessive damage. In such scenarios, flipping the mattress 180 degrees helps each side recover. 

Avoid Food, Pets, and Drinks in Bed:  

Every person should avoid eating in bed as it decreases the life span of your mattress. As pleasant as breakfast in bed might sound, it is not an ideal option. You might ruin your bed with food crumbs, spills, and food stains. Insects are also attracted to your bed due to the smell of the food items. 

Another thing to keep in check is your pet. Don't allow your pets to stay on your bed for too long. Pets shed hair, sweat, excrete waste material, and often have germs in their furs. It makes things difficult as you are exposed to several risks. Instead of putting your dog in the same bed, get him a separate place to sleep. That way, your mattress remains safe from unwanted accidents. 

Have Strong Support for Your Mattress:

Mattresses need a solid base under them to carry out their task. Without a strong bed frame, your mattress will start to sag. There is a high possibility that it might lose its shape with time. Therefore, examining your bed frame every few months is a must. 

Check whether the wood is rotten or worn out from any corner. If the frame is in a poor condition, replace it immediately. A timely effort helps reduce the negative impact.

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