We are currently covering a major audience in the geographies of North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Australia. 
The target audience ranging in the age group from teen till thirty, majorly.
Our website features articles which are related to sports, fashion and lifestyle, health, parenting, travel, emotions and relationship.
We are rapidly growing with the audience reach across the globe and the website traffic is not just increasing but we are multiplying.

We offer 3 options for advertising:

1. Provide us the article which should be generic about your product in brief which should match our theme of the website which is for the first time. You can choose any topic of your choice. For this article we shall provide you 1 back link to your website. For this, we shall charge you nominally (for one time) for publishing this article in the website.

2. You can provide us 2-3 pictures of the products that you have in store (along with the price tag subject to changes). We shall publish it making the picture itself as the link that would act as a back link to your website for which we charge for 6 months.

3.Lastly, we can give you a link back to your store and advertise your store with the details for which we charge you for 12 months. This would be an exclusive advertise publicizing your store with a back link.
If interested in advertising through our website, please send us your details to 
We will get in touch with you as soon as we receive your interest in advertising through our website.

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