20+ Cool Small Tattoo Ideas For Women

Tattoos have different meanings to different people. Tattoos are just as unique as the people who have them. May it be a tattoo in order to remember something or someone or something that just represents them. Size doesn’t matter for a tattoo to make an impact. Small tattoos equally make an impact just like the big ones.

Currently, small tattoos are in trend. Small tattoos are now preferred more by women.  Small tattoos are more convenient as they can be easily covered by clothes. This is more convenient for people working under professions where tattoos are not preferred. A person can have a tattoo while maintaining a work boundary.

Small tattoos are also economical for you. They can be inked in a small setting saving both your time and money. These small tattoos can be easily inked without bearing too much pain. So, if you fear needles and still want a tattoo no problem, small tattoo’s got your back.

Having a small tattoo doesn’t mean that the tattoo has a small meaning. Small tattoos sometimes have great meanings. Each tattoo has a special story and they are worth hearing. Tattoos are a great medium of telling and retelling stories. Each tattoo has a dearest memory attached to it.

Let’s see some awesome small tattoo ideas for women that you can use ASAP.

Animal tattoos:

Hey, you animal lover! Shouldn’t you have an animal tattoo? There are various types of animal tattoos like the lion one, the owl one, etc.

1. Lion Tattoo

small tattoo ideas for women

coolest small tattoo ideas for women

For you fierce ladies the lion tattoo is the best choice. Some women prefer lions as it’s their zodiac sign, Leo. A lion represents leadership, power, reliability, self-confidence, compassion, courage, strength, and pride. Lions are recognizable animals who love to be the center of attention. If you too love to shine in the spotlight a lion tattoo is a must for you. This is one of the trending small tattoo ideas for women.

2. Butterfly Tattoo

coolest small tattoo ideas for women - butterfly

A butterfly tattoo represents freedom, transformation, and nature. They are the most common tattoo choices among women. A small butterfly tattoo is simple yet delicate and represents a curious nature. The black butterfly tattoo is elegant and beautiful. These inked insects look good in colors too.

3. Phoenix Tattoo

small tattoo ideas for women - style

Phoenix tattoos are really sophisticated and are preferred by all. Phoenix is known for rising from the ashes as per the ancient myths and legends. Some people associate themselves with these majestic creatures and ink themselves. Phoenix is associated with transformation and rebirth.

4. Owl Tattoo

small owl tattoo ideas for women

Owls are a symbol of intellect and wisdom. Bookworms and my fellow nerds in the house can ink an owl tattoo. Owls are nocturnal by nature and people associate themselves with owls because of that. Owls are considered a symbol of the afterlife in many cultures. They are inked using unique modern designs these days. 
This is one of the coolest small tattoo ideas for women.

5. Cat Tattoo

cat tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Cats are a symbol of playfulness and mystery at the same time. You can ink a cat tattoo and dedicate it to your pet AKA your master. Small tattoos of these four-pawed gods are super cute. Tattoos on your wrists look good too.

6. Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Elephant tattoos are considered as a symbol of stability and family. As they live in herds together and these herds include the entire family, people who ink elephant tattoos are loyal and protective of their loved ones. Elephants are a symbol of wisdom, prosperity, and growth. They have come into trend recently. Women prefer elephant tattoos more as it represents honor and dignity.

7. Dragonflies Tattoo

cute tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Dragonflies are used to represent positivity and strong will.  Dragonflies are a symbol of change and freshness that one may relate to. Dragonflies are known for never going back on the path they once flew. In the same way, one can consider dragonfly tattoos as a lesson to remember to never stop and continuing even after tribulations. They are also considered as a symbol of bravery, joy, purity, and rebirth. Dragonflies bring positivity.

8. Wolf Tattoo

wolf tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

new wolf tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Wolf tattoos are preferred by both men and women. Wolves are independent and represent strength. Wolfs are able to see in the dark, so people associate them with finding a way even in the darkness of life. Wolf tattoos are inked by couples as wolves are loyal to their families and stay strong in tough times. Wolves are known for being wild, fierce, and full of strength. They are protective of their loved ones. Inking a wolf tattoo creates a magnificent impact.

9. Snake Tattoo

snake tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

snake tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Snake tattoos look really cool. People can associate their own meaning to a snake tattoo. Snakes are able to shred their old skin and develop a new one. People associate it with rebirth and trying again. Snakes mean a new beginning, fertility, temptation, and protection. A big advantage of an inking a snake tattoo is that you can ink it anywhere on your body. The curves of a snake look gorgeous on your body and will make you feel like a queen. 

Meaningful Tattoos

Although some tattoos are inked for fun, some share a deeper meaning. Like a quote from their favorite book or a movie or something that reminds one of something special. Name of one’s loved one or anything that holds memory in that person’s heart.  

These meaningful tattoos are mostly inked where it’s more visible, like on the back of the hand or the inner wrist as it stays as a reminder with the person. Meaningful tattoos are usually small. These tattoos are sometimes the lyrics of a song or one’s life motto too.

1. Angel wings

angel tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

cute angel tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Angel wings are also inked by people these days and they are in trend. People ink angel wings tattoos as they represent their belief in the power of angels. They feel like they are constantly looked over and protected by their guardian angel. Wings are a symbol of freedom and people ink angel tattoos as it means to escape from one’s own demons.  Angel tattoos are most of the time inked behind one’s neck right below the head. Angel wings represent pureness and divinity. Women have inked Angel wings as it shows their angelic side too. This is one of the top trendy small tattoo ideas for women.

2. Anchor Tattoo

anchor tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Anchors have a sailor background. Anchors provide safety and a sense of stability. They are used to ground ships, similarly, anchor tattoos are considered as a symbol to keep a person grounded. They are simple yet they have a deep meaning. Anchor tattoos are also preferred by women for its simple and elegant design. Anchor tattoos are mostly inked on a person’s ankle, wrist, and fingers. A small anchor tattoo looks good as compared to a larger one. 

3. Compass Tattoos

compass tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Compass tattoos look cool anywhere on the body. They are also in trend recently. Compass means staying true to one’s principles and one’s path. It also provides a direction to people and helps them in their tough times. It means keep searching for a way even though everything seems bad.

4. Dreamcatchers

dreamcatchers tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Dreamcatchers are associated with memories of a loved one. Women ink them for reminding themselves of their roots. Dreamcatchers are associated with one’s honor and dignity and they can be modified a bit with your own special touch.

5. Skull

skull tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Skulls are associated with rebirth and the afterlife. Some people also associate it with rebellion and freedom. While some associate it with living one’s life to the fullest without any regrets. People also modify it with their own special touch.

6. Tribal Tattoo

tribal tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Small Tribal symbols are also in trend these days as they are intricate and have beautiful designs. An advantage of these tattoos is that they can be easily modified. 

7. Nature Tattoo

rose tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

star tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Tattoos based on nature are simple yet meaningful. These include sunflowers, lotus, mountain, sun and moon, tree, stars, and rose. Each has a special meaning like sunflowers are associated with a positive personality. 
Lotus is associated with prosperity and wealth. 
Mountain is associated with strength. 
Sun and moon are associated with harmony between personalities and the cycle of life.
The tree represents the growth and knowledge of a person. 
Star is associated with finding the light even in the darkness. 
Rose is a particularly common choice among women and it represents sophistication and modernity.
Small religious symbols are a preferred choice among people.

8. Geometric and Minimalist 

geometric tattoo - small tattoo ideas for women

Geometric and Minimalist are modern and are preferred by most of the people. They are trending because they are convenient to modify with one’s own ideas and with minimal detailing they are good to go. Geometric tattoos look cooler when are mixed with traditional ideas. Minimalist tattoos look awesome when they are small and they go with any style. These tattoos are extremely unique.

Now we gave you a full tour of small cool tattoos, when are you going to get one?

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