First time Flight Travel tips

# 1 Booked your Trip ...

You’ve booked your trip... you’re all excited to travel. But there’s a little detail...ok..not so little. You haven’t flown in years (maybe never?), and you have no clue what’s involved to get to your local airport, check in for your flight, get through security (are they going to strip-search me?), get to your gate, and fly those friendly skies.

Don’t fear, we are here with some helpful tips to get you to and through airports. 

# 2  Preparing for your Trip

Before you Leave. If this is your first time flying, or it has just been a while, follow these tips to be best prepared before you even leave for the airport.

* Carrying Luggages:

Since airlines restrict what you can carry-on board the airplane, you have to pack very carefully (read: don’t take that kitchen sink). If you’re traveling on a trip of a few days, you can probably get by carrying your bags on-board the flight, but if you plan to fly with lots of gifts and goodies, you’ll be much better off checking your bags. See checked baggage limits.

* Documents to take.:

See airport ID section for info on proper ID requirements.

* Confirming your Flight:

its a good idea to call at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Check with your airline a day before your departure.

* Checking on the Status of your Flight before you Leave:

It is definitely a good idea to check the status of your departure prior to leaving for the airport.

# 3 . Checking In for your Flight

* Checking in with Luggage bags:

If you’ve decided to check-in your bags, then you must proceed to the check-in counter for your airline. There you will wait in-line until its your turn to heave your bag on the scale, present your airport ID, and get your boarding pass issued, along with a baggage tag receipt. Make sure your bag is unlocked, or has a Security-approved lock. Once you have that, you’re set to pass through the security checkpoint and on to your departure gate.

* Checking in with only Carry-on Bags:

If you are  traveling light and have only a carry-on bag, your best bet is to look for one of those self check-in ticket kiosks (machine) - most major airlines have them at most airports. That way you can avoid the lines at the check-in ticket counters.

# 4 . Airport Security Check :

After getting your boarding pass next step will be to proceed through airport security. Follow the signs to your gate, as there may be a security checkpoint at the entrance to several groups of gates.

To avoid any delays, here is what you should be prepared for when entering the airport security checkpoint:

·     Make sure any sharp objects, files, scissors or other items are in your checked bags. See the website for the latest on what is allowed through security

·     Be prepared to remove your shoes, belt, watch, and anything that has a substantial metal content. Bins are provided to keep lose items together.

·     Remove your laptop from its case or bag, and place that in a separate bin.

·     Keep your airport ID and boarding pass available to show any of the security screeners.

# 5 . Boarding Process:

Once past the airport’s security check, proceed to your gate’s boarding area. Look for departure monitors as you proceed, checking on the latest status and gate (yes, they can change) of your flight. Boarding typically begins about 30 mins prior to the scheduled departure time, so be sure to arrive there in time.

Check your boarding pass. Most airlines board by zones or rows. Listen to the announcements regarding boarding, and proceed when your row section or zone is called. You will pass an airline gate agent, who will take your boarding pass and may ask for ID. If you printed out a boarding pass at home, you will surrender it there for a bar-code scan. Embark the plane, find your seat, and make sure you do not put anything too large under the seat in front of you, as the flight attendant may ask you to put it in the overhead bin. Then fasten your seatbelt... the flight attendant will show a video (its done manually on some aircraft types) explaining the safety features of the aircraft prior to takeoff.

# 6 . Arriving at your Destination:

Once you have disembarked from your plane, follow the signs to Baggage Claim. Once you arrive there, check the monitors to find the carousel that corresponds to your flight number. Be prepared to surrender your luggage tags to any security personnel (to check that you haven’t walked off with somebody’s Luis Vuitton bag). In most cases, nobody checks anyway.

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