Rafting for the first time ?

It is absolutely amazing and extremely scary the first time you try it. All we should remember that not to stop paddling and if there is flip over, keep swimming, get out of the rapids and say your prayers. Scary names of areas of rapids that could shred your cataraft in half and suck you into the waters as well as guides who love the thrill of fresh meat (you) will all be part of the process of initiating yourself as someone who has experienced the thrill of going through white water rapids. Here are few tips to help you out the first time and hopefully you will find some relief before you embark on this new extreme adventure.

Few tips before you go for the first time are:

•    Drink lots of water and eat something before you go. You will be working really hard and you'll burn out if you don't fuel your body before.

•    Put on sunscreen. In the water, that is a given. The reflection of the sun off the water will affect your skin.

•    Make sure that once the boat starts moving that you don't try to get up and move around. You need to sit and paddle. Everyone in the boat needs to work together to get through the course.

•    Listen to your guide. He may be making fun of you in the beginning but be assured he only has your safety and health in mind as well as having fun.

•    Bring a small waterproof bag with you with some light change of clothing, a snack or two and some water. Your going to need it. Nothing crazy here, just something light.

•    Last but not least, have fun. There are some scary stories out there and yes people get hurt, but it's an extreme sport and if that's your thing, you've got to give it a try at least once in your life.

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