First Time on Stage ?? Tips to overcome stage fear..

Having stage fear is quite common and normal for any person anywhere in the world.
Everyone has the fear in them. But the question is, to what extent you allow that fear to grow
within you. If you are too conscious and think more on it, the more you allow the fear to grow,
making you very stiff and rigid on the stage.

Fear can be because of various reasons:

* It can be because of less confidence in yourself    thinking that people
   might laugh at you.
* You might think whether your dress is appropriate or not.
* You might be conscious that you might forget about the content that
    you were supposed to deliver while you were on stage.
* You might be too concerned about the feedback or the criticism that
    you get after you are done being on stage  OR
* You might be stressful about handling the results of the events that you
    would be involved.

Here are few tips to overcome the stage fear:

* Prepare properly with the content that you want to deliver when you are on stage.
* Rehearse on the content as many times till you feel you are confident.
* People do tend to forget, that is very normal. Think in a  positive way and prepare yourself
   that, even if you forget, no one is going to harm you or hurt you.
* Relax your mind and don't be stressed out before going on stage.

* You don't feel uncomfortable while you are talking in a group.

   But you feel a little uncomfortable when you are asked to
   address the same set of people on the stage. Why? That's
   because all their attention are towards you. And your fear of
   making a mistake, fear of forgetting and the thought of how they
   feel about you, will over take the positive energy that you have.
   These kind of thoughts need to be diverted.
* To make things more simpler, just think of only 2 extremes by
   answering the below 2 questions to yourself:
   Question 1: What worst can happen?
   Question 2: What best can happen?
* The above 2 questions are too subjective for every individual,
   but if you prepare your mind for the above 2 questions nothing else can go wrong.

Having said the above points, this article hopes to eliminate the stage fear amongst the people

who feel that they might have encountered the above mentioned situations.

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