Salsa Dance Starter Tips For Both Men & Women

In any kind of dance routine, men are always expected to lead. And that is why it is very important for them to understand their role as the lead dancer during partnering routines. This is why a salsa class for instance is as important as anything else they should be getting into for training. Though these tips I have here will help, I wouldn’t say that they are absolute. Nevertheless, there’s nothing to lose. So here they are, men of salsa, take it away!

#1:Do not take rejection personally.If you are in a dance club or dance floor, and you wanted to dance with a woman so badly, but you’re too scared to get rejected, just think of it this way, “this is my last chance to dance.”I don’t think the woman would mind if you ask her on the dance floor since it’s a dance club.

#2: Salsa dancing is all about fun!It is indeed a pressure thinking people might be looking or watching you while you’re strutting your moves on the dance floor. But once this idea stick in your mind, there is only one thing that’s going to happen, “you will lose it, and you will never be able to dance the way you wanted to.”Just have a good time!

#3: Be sensitive on the dance floor.For sure, it is very seldom to find an empty dance floor. So while you are enjoying your time dancing, always keep in mind that you are not alone in there. Make your moves within your space and avoid smashing people! And please keep off her toes!

#4: Consider both you and your partners capabilities in doing physically strenuous moves.There are certain limitations on the exhibitions and dance moves you should be doing with your partner. Accidents happen, and you might not want to get into any trouble while you’re dancing and having fun. In a salsa class, both your partner’s limitations will be discussed, thus giving you a better opportunity to make flawless routines that are within your capacity.

#5: Make sure you lead your partner in the level she can handle.Fancy moves are great, but if you’re going to dance with a newbie, you have to be very considerate. If you want to achieve a flawless dance number, keep it simple. If you intend to improve on your routine, don’t surprise and rush your partner. Do it in a pace where she can catch up and grasp the moves.

Don’t forget, salsa dance is a partner dance; you have to be the man and take the lead! Take a salsa class and learn the dos and don’ts and also check some videos on internet.



#1. Wear something that you feel sexy in, but that is really comfortable, too. Try to wear something dramatic– like a red, or black dress. You have to dress the part! Of course, the last thing you want to be worried about when you’re dancing with someone is whether or not your dress is showing too much when you spin, so put on some booty shorts!

#2. Be relax. It’s totally acceptable to have a conversation with your dance partner– but it’s okay not to talk, too. It’s easy to get caught up in the fact that you’re doing shmexy moves with a stranger, and feel awkward, instead of just relaxing and enjoying yourself. So just go with it! Plus, if you relax, you’ll look better when you’re dancing.

#3. Wear heels. Wearing heels really are better for dancing. They encourage you to put your weight forward onto your toes, which allows you to spin more easily. That said, be sure that they’re relatively comfortable! Blisters and salsa dancing don’t match.

#4. Remember that your partner is the lead. If you give up the reigns and really pay attention to his lead, you’ll start to realize that it’s actually much easier! It should be almost intuitive. The guy will also be much happier with you, as a result. If you’re just starting out, this might not be a completely relevant thing to focus on, yet. Just keep it in mind.

#5. Know that you can say no.  If someone is making you feel uncomfortable, try to send subtle signals (like gently pushing them further away while they are dancing with you). If they persist, go ahead and stop dancing with them! Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself. Also, if you are tired, it’s okay to politely turn someone down for a dance. Just be nice.

#6. Focus on your hips. You can never have too much hip action in salsa. It’s all about doing little figure-eights with your booty. Well, I guess they’re more like infinity-signs, right and left. Yeah…

#7. Don’t stop! When you mess up, just find the beat and keep going. If you’re having trouble finding the beat, look at your partner! It’s easy to mis-read how the guy is leading you, especially if the two of you haven’t danced much together, so it’s better to just embrace those little slip ups and move on. No need for it to be a big deal.

#8. Keep your chin up. It’s really easy to fall into the looking-at-your-partners-feet trap, but this throws off your balance, and your line. It’s much better if you just look over his shoulder, or better yet– right into his eyes!

#9. Pretend like you know what you’re doing. Even if it just means a little confidence boost for yourself, I promise you’ll have a better time if you fake it till ya make it.

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