Parent Weekend: How to visit your college kid without embarrassing them

The time has come for your to visit your child at college for the first time. While you are very excited and can't wait, there are some things you can do to help your visit go smoothly. Remember, your child is not a child anymore but has moved into a university and a whole new life at the moment. How can you visit your children in college without embarrassing them or causing strife with them? Here are a few tips on how you can have a blast, see your son or daughter and save your relationship at the same time.

Go To Dinner

Take them out to dinner away from campus so they can eat a great meal. Let's face it. Some college kids do not cook and others just don't have the time. They eat what's on campus or fast food type meals. Treat them to a great meal while you are visiting. This can be one on one time with you and your child. You can enjoy a great meal, talk about their experiences so far and plan the rest of your trip. Check out some of the restaurants around town and also make sure to check for discounts or coupon codes. This can give you a nice place to eat while saving money at the same time.You can find a coupon for many eateries, like this Bob Evans discount code.

Stay Off Campus

The best bet for you is to stay off campus in a hotel close by. For example, you could look up Emory University hotels to see what is close to your student but far enough away to give them their space. This is their space now and they may have set up different ideals for their home. You must also be ready to face the facts that your child you sent away has changed and is growing up. A great hotel that is close by is the Ellis Hotel. They are a luxury hotel in the area that will give you a wide variety of activities to do with your student while giving them their space.

A Few Do's And Don'ts

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when visiting your college student. Do call ahead. This will give them time to get ready or at least know you are coming. They may have classes or something planned and if you just show up it may cause an argument. Do not just make an unplanned trip to campus. If you do you may miss them or not be able to see them because they already had arrangements for a trip themselves. Do try to be understanding of their new life. It may be busy for them and studying is a priority. Do not take it personally if it takes some time to get a trip scheduled with them. Life is hectic for a college student. They may have work schedules plus studying to work around.

You can easily visit your college student without embarrassing them by keeping these few things in mind. You do not want to cause problems for them or make them upset about your visit. Plan ahead and ask them what they would like to do while you are there. This gives everyone opportunity to visit and enjoy the trip.

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